Arm Rotation

A lot of people speak of forearm rotation. I like to perceive it (and tell people when I’m working with them)….that it’s upper arm rotation. Sounds like semantics, but it isn’t. If the upper arm rotates, so must the forearm. The opposite is not the case.

You can fan the club behind you off the ball rotating your left forearm…not so much rotating the left upper arm.

Rotating the upper arms has a general affect of connecting the arms to the turn. Rotating the forearms has a general affect of disconnecting the arms from the turn.

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  1. markj

    Good clarification. So I guess this is obvious but just to double check, it sounds like you’re advocating an active rotation of the forearms (to match the body turn) ?

    • Matt

      Another gem Monte.

      Mark, I believe if you reread the third paragraph you will find that Monte is saying over rotation of the forearms leads to a disconnected swing. Instead, if the focus is on upper arm rotation the swing will tend to be more connected. I have a friend who rotates the forearms too much which leads to consistency issues.

      • markj

        Oops, sorry, meant to say upper arm rotation. So nothing forced, got it.

  2. acs2231

    How about on the downswing from transition? Does the upper arm rotation link the pivot and help create a connected and synced up downswing?

  3. Doug

    Monte — This kind of makes sense. I would like to see a video of you doing improper vs proper arm rotation on the backswing. I’m sure you already have videos on proper, but seeing improper may help also. On our last online lesson you told me I needed more arm rotation on the backswing and the first thing I did was rotate the forearm and kind of fan it.

  4. Dasbill

    This has totally changed my idea of my backswing. I am now hitting it like I use to but without any known compensations. The way you explain things is awesome.

  5. Bill B

    One you best blogs. Absolutely spot on


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