The Grip

Here is a video on basic grip ideas. Also below is a Flightscope analysis of a swing I took yesterday. I was pretty happy considering I am still not 100% with the shoulder and not yet in shape. The only bad thing is I was over compressing the range balls and ball speeds and distances were rather short.

In the video I also talk about Ted Purdy’s grip analyzer. Very interesting and cool device. Check out to see it. LINK

LINK to Video





  1. Andrew Tyler


    Same rate to come hit balls in front of the Flightscope as lesson rate? I’m feeling like my swing is shorter and less powerful, but the ball is going farther. Be interesting to see if I’m finally getting shallower.

    Over compressing the range balls….I hate it when that happens.

  2. Burke

    Enjoying your new toy my friend!

  3. Andrew from Belgium

    129 mph club head speed with an 8 iron – not shabby 🙂

    See you this afternoon!

  4. Woody

    So let me get this right….$349.00 for a 30 second grip adjustment machine? Only in the world of golf can you charge a premium for the “secret” Ted better work on getting his card back to add to the $8mm he has already earned.

    • Larrybud

      I could see it as useful to an instructor where he might use it 50 times a year, but not the average guy.


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