JB Holmes had brain surgery

and they found nothing.

I know, an old joke, but I just wanted to post this for those who didn’t know and my wishes for a speedy recovery.

Phil Mickelson went to the belly putter. If he doesn’t shorten his stroke on short putts, it won’t help.




  1. s.

    Center-shafted putter would have been a better move.

    He was the only pro that I know of who used a heel-shafted putter.

  2. Wally

    I have been using a Bullseye putter since 1980, best putter ever made

    • Calvin

      Wally you are Da Man. My bullseye is 30 years old and going strong. I have tried other putters over the years and they are all in my garage gathering dust.

  3. banner12

    The belly putter will help him a lot. What it does if you set up correctly is give you a repeating stroke so the ball always starts on the line intended. It also forces you to use your right brain which for many golfers is a good reset for putting. When Phil goes back to his normal putter (which he will) and left side brain he will have been freed up in his thinking and will make everything. He is an intuitive player, but has become too conflicted in his over thinking regarding putting. This is kind of a mental re-boot if you will.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Excellent. I went through that exact process and it helped me.

      • Calvin

        Phil’s putter always looked too short for him to me. You always worried when he had a short putt because he looked like he was addressing a full swing shot.

    • woody

      You forgot about the USGA. Remember grooves?

      Long putters…buh-bye? (Except for amateurs until the year 2024.) Which would mean that the time learning how to use it would be wasted.

      Phil has no clue how to use it anyway. I didn’t see a hand anchored to his chest.

      • Andrew from Addis

        He was using a belly putter not a chest high one. You just stick the shaft in your gut and use both hands to swing the putter.


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