Below is a link to an article where Rocco Mediate tells it like he sees it about Tiger’s swing.

For those of you that think I am a Tiger hater…see, I am not the only one who has these exact same opinions. It is not hard to develop a swing that is solid and protects his knee and the Haney and Foley swings are neither.

This is the best player in the world. Give him something decent to work with and he will do well.

I took two lessons from Haney and then a series from his lead protege. I had knee surgery 6 months later. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I didn’t do well with Mark O’Meara’s swing either.

As far as Foley, I am not as anti S&T as most people. I like Andy and Mike and think they are smart guys. I know Foley is not S&T per se, but that takeaway does nothing but put pressure on the knee…and get him more stuck than he was before, causing the need for all sorts of hand manipulations.





  1. s.

    Rocco, what does Tiger need? A swing harness?

    The only thing that gives Rocco any credibility is that in the past he tried to get his swing plane flatter…more “around him”? So, speak up, Rocco. Is this something a guru tried to do with you? And what were the results?

    As for S&T, it’s OK if it gets you to hold your position during the backswing rather than sway, but I think that’s the only good feature. Beyond that, I think the theory was reverse-engineered from video. Problem is, what you think you see on video isn’t always what’s happening.

    What you need to do on the backswing is load the mechanism efficiently, without putting yourself at risk. I’m thinking George Knudson was right. Your arms and the club just go where they go, on the backswing.

    The geometry is going to depend on the relative width of your shoulders, the relative length of your arms, the suppleness of your torso, and avoiding tension in your arms.

  2. Calvin

    A thirty something should not blow out a knee swinging a golf club.

    A hip maybe at 65 or so.


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