Interview Part 2




  1. John Brown


    I just watched both interviews. Always a big fan. Let me make a comment that may not make much sense at first: I did not learn anything new and yet every time I listen to your comments it is like the first time that I’ve heard it. What I mean is that everything in your interviews are consistent and redundant to your videos, your website, and the great work you do on Golfwrx, as it should be. Yet every aspect of your teaching is so refreshing (particularly for us older guys who have heard different for years), it feels like the first time I’ve heard it. Most of us slow thinkers need to hear the same concepts over and over. This interview format with give and take, is fantastic for learning. Thank you for all you do and please keep it up.

  2. jaybee

    Huge. I am starting to get it.

    Still want to get more shallow in transition though rather than cultivating my OTT swing and handicap.
    So, how does the (huge lightbulb again!) move from 7.47 in the first part of the interview have to happen/sequence with that right shoulder move?

    And do you know already when and where you will be coming to in the UK?

  3. Peter Ratcliffe

    Your teaching is fresh, and refreshing.

    Your explanations are, for me as a high handicapper who came to golf later in life, brilliant and simple. If I’m ever within a few hours of one of your clinics I’d love to do it.

    This one especially resonated and with a bit of work based on these thoughts, I distilled it to secondary tilt and I focus on turning the shoulders while maintaining the spine angle established by the primary and secondary tilt trying to forget about my hands and arms. It quickly removed a major chunk of my biggest problems and got me more on plane, more consistent face angle and faster club head speed.

    Thank you for the best teaching on the web.

  4. Baz

    Can’t recommend your teaching enough. Your clear & easy to understand advice on primary & secondary tilt combined with a steeper shoulder turn on the back swing has improved my game for me. Thanks for lifting the smoke from my eyes.


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