If you’re blading or chunking pitches and sand shots…

For those that have seen my short game video know that stalling the trail arm, not keeping it moving, not getting it forward enough, etc., is why these shots generally happen.

It is not a stretch or rocket science to say that a backswing that is too long will contribute to this problem.

What I have not made clear in the past is those that get too wide in their backswing will also have issues. Hands working too far away from the target and/or body in the backswing will make the distance the arms and hands have to travel to get back to the ball too great for most to do it correctly.

The two signs you are doing this are lack of wrist set and a gap seen between the trail arm and the body face on. Obviously one solution is to allow the wrists to set more, but the other is not to allow the trial elbow to venture away from the body.

Those of you who are foaming at the mouth wondering how I can say this when I campaign against over connection and drill putting things under the arm pits…it’s a pitch.

Take a face on video of yourself if you are having problems. If your Rams and the club shaft are nearly a straight line at the end of the backswing, or if there could be a contest on The BIg Break of trying to hit balls between your trail arm and your body…stop that.




  1. Kelvin

    Well what do you know…this certainly contributed to my problem that arose in the recent weeks… For all others, this is a very important concept that I overlooked when working with Monte’s short game video, and it took paying extremely close attention to Monte’s action in the video…

    Great post, Monte.

  2. 12PackAbs

    This is a personal feel for me, but on the off chance it helps someone…

    Letting the weight of the club drop to the ball was a new exercise for me; at first I struggled with swinging at the ball. I noticed that I could feel the hinge back push on my right thumb, and when I simply let that pressure go and moved the right arm through the target, I was hitting nice soft shots.

  3. David Edwards

    Great post Monte. I’ve suffered with chipping yips for years and this tip combined with keeping the trail arm moving has made a huge difference.

    Stan Utley says the same thing about the trail arm. He suggests you feel the right elbow sliding along your side as you fold the right arm on the backswing and do the same with the left arm on the through swing.

    I have also concentrating very hard on the point the club hits the ground on the through swing as advised by my pro (who also suggests moving your stance laterally targetwards [if hitting behind the ball] to accommodate this, rather than trying to change the location the club hits the ground).

    I devised my own drill of placing a tour stick underneath my right foot, placing the ball one clubhead width nearer the target and hitting 100 right arm only chips. If you stall the right arm you hit the stick or blade the ball. If I hit the stick or bladed one I had to start again. When you use both hands on a real chip you know you have hit 100 under pressure with just the right arm. It gives you a huge confidence boost.

  4. dogballz

    What are your thoughts on fanning open the club face on pitches?


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