How the arms work in the backswing




  1. Metafolfer

    Your timing on this topic is amazing. Lately I have been hitting dead straight and left, again, it is my curse. For periods I generally hit well in the middle but then it all goes south and I start to hit dead straight left. The launch anaylser shows my club face perpendicular to the ball path. Your videos helped me to understand why. It is so subtle the over the top that you really can’t feel it is happening yet the results are there. The only core way to overcome it for me is to slow way down and reset my hip to shoulder rotation relationship.

    Thanks for the great videos and postings

  2. dogballz

    I’ve read about wide hands and narrow club in backswing. Worthy or garbage? Could you elaborate?

    • Brenden

      Sounds like you’re referring to a “float-load”. A very gimmicky movement. No good.

      • dogballz

        Not a pro by any means, but I believe a narrow club going back occurs with wrist cock/hinge. And float loading creates a wider club heading going back due to delaying wrist cock/hinge.

        • Brenden

          Right. A wide takeaway, then yanking(narrowing) the club to create lag. Sorry if I misread your post.

  3. snaphooker

    Apologize if posting a link to another site is inappropriate. Jim Waldron does a great visual verification of your comments, Monte. My game has improved considerably since I’ve found your sit. Thank you, sir.

    • Cat

      Do any of you read what Monte says? He clearly states pushing away is a bad way to fake keeping the arms in front of the body – so as I understand it, Jim Waldron is dead wrong.


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