I’m on the range at the Sanderson Farms event-more on Precept Lady IQ

Basically Tour vets trying to rediscover their game and young guys who haven’t discovered their games yet.

The guys working on positions are struggling. The ones working on linking things up in transition are puring it.

There is a big name pro working with a guru and the guru is a moron. Not my opinion. Half the posters on this forum could do a better job than this nut.

The pro’s body language is terrible. He is very frustrated…and the guru isn’t helping with all the positional tech talk. He is showing him exact positions and wrist rotation from p6-p8. Problem is those positions don’t match the backswing or transition. Cookie cutter crap.

I have two guys playing “the ball” in the Proam today…other than Frank.

And I have been approached by close to 10 players asking me my thoughts on the ball…as they all hate the new ones.

Precept lady IQ probably going to be in play for 3-5 guys before year is over.

So far, they want to be nameless.




  1. Calvin

    Sounds like Lynn Blake.

  2. Robert Evans

    Maybe David Leadworser? BTW, loving my pink lady precept IQ balls.

  3. MrSinister

    Every store I have been to is sold out, Had to order mine off Amazon.

  4. Peter B

    So what is the replacement for that Lady IQ that is pretty much gone now. Monte?

  5. Ted

    Tried the Lady IQ+. I presume its the same model? Not Bad. $20 a dozen.

  6. Dave Garretsin

    Bought a dozen Precept Lady IQ balls and put them into play today. Very impressed with distance and around the green. Will never spend $40+ for balls again. Every bit as good as the premium balls I have been playing and 1/2 the price.


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