Tell me alignment is the most important thing in golf.

For two days Frank and I worked on a few small things and he looked better than I have ever seen him. Even when he was winning.

He shows up today aiming right of Rush Limbaugh. Not good for a cut. I told his caddy to stay on his ass because he disagreed with me.

He bogied 10 (fist hole) like a 15 handicap. He “salvaged” par on the easy par 5 11th. Heard his caddy say, “remember what Monte said about aiming right.”

He looked at me, I gave him the bird. He aimed 15 feet left on the par 3 12th, hit it 12 feet and made birdie.

Frank is special…lol

Edit 1-three birdies in a row. The third on what was the hardest hole last year.




  1. Robert Evans

    So Frank should be aiming more to the left? I think I’ve heard you say that before. I think it was to me several times last Saturday. You’re right, it works. No more hooks:)

  2. atyler16

    The way you write about your guys relationship is hilarious. Reminds me of my brothers and I. I don’t want to know anything about the “fist hole”. 🙂

    • golfercraig

      Fist hole? I usually have to pay extra for that.

  3. northgolf

    Set up to the ball wrong and your chances of hitting a good shot aproach nil. Set up correctly and a barely passable swing will get you a good result.

    Flipped him the bird, that’s pretty funny.

  4. banner12

    I told you to tell Frank about alignment. Everything else will then fall into place.

    Funny how that works.

    • frazer

      Any tips on how to align? Hips feet shoulders etc

  5. Tom McNamara

    My first run with ” the ball” will be tomorrow morning at 0630. No pink ones on the shelf on Okinawa, but Im sure the guys will still get a kick out of seeing the box strategically place on my push cart!


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