I’m going to go bald…

I guess that would save me money on hair products.

It’s not from male pattern baldness, it’s from the fact I have the urge to pull it all out. After 20 years of pulling the handle, I have the requisite hand strength and muscle memory.

There is a group on Facebook called Golf Teaching Professionals. I throw my 2 cents in on many of the discussions and usually get ignored or rebuffed.

In one particular thread when I regaled the list of evils resulting from pulling the handle, I was told by one Rasputin, “You don’t understand what we are talking about and if you need us to explain it to you, we will. I compete in long drive contests and I hit 400 yard drives doing this.”

Right now there is a discussion after a video was posted. The face on video shows a guy casting big time with a trailing right arm.

Nearly all the responses are in the category of make him learn what impact feels like and lag sustaining drills. Only two others seemed to realize the guy was massively restricting his hip turn, got his arms WAY behind his body…and if he created or maintained his lag (LOL), he’d miss the ball.

Some suggested a stronger right hand to get the right arm in better position. A decent idea, I make the same suggestion to some people. However, in this case, the right hand is not heinously weak, isn’t the root cause and will be as effective as giving someone with projectile vomiting from food poisoning…a breath mint.

Why are some of these basic cause and effects so lost on most people who are supposed to be experts?

I know I often come off as a know it all, but I don’t, I strive to learn more and educate myself every day. I come off the way I do because…

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Maybe that’s my nickname. Monte “The Mad Cyclops” Scheinblum…or Cyclops for short. Maybe just Cyc, which people might mistake for Psych, meaning I’m crazy…making it a double entendre homonym…wait homophone…wait, that might not be politically correct. Alternative Lifestyle Phone? Then the “Mad” part of the nickname just becomes redundant?

I’m so confused! Vinnie Barbarino save me.

…but I digress.

Here is the link to the discussion below. Maybe I’m insane, stupid, or insanely stupid, but the restricted hip turn being the core issue and the first domino, seems plain as day. This golfer has no chance of getting to impact properly with any sort of drill until this is rectified and his arms and hips link up better in the backswing,..so they can link up better in the downswing…so the right arm doesn’t trail the turn and viola…no more throwaway. You can’t win the national championship till you beat the 16 seed in the first round…wait, with the play in and first four games, that’s round two. I’m confused again.

…and some of these responses are not worthy of a #1 seed. More like the NIT or CBI…or the new coach search committee.

LINK to discussion. It’s the one started by Ryan Kennedy, with a video of a guy with an orange shirt and khaki shorts.




  1. dtrance

    But how will he optimize the X factor? 🙂

    BTW, you hardly come across as a know it all. Your humility is what makes people take you more seriously IMO. I’d rather listen to the one eyed guy than take a leap of faith in the dark.

  2. Woodrow

    Your blog yesterday speaks volumes as to why the art of golf instruction is so all over the map today. Most golf instruction is looking for a quick fix so the student feels good about dropping $100+ . Very few instructors are building towards anything of substance where the student can then coach themselves after observing the ball flight. It never lies. Most instruction is around “how” very little about “why.” Your video on the movements of the golf swing…shoulders, hips, arms and hands on a vertical plane is outstanding for any student to ingrain in their muscle memory. The challenge for the average golfer is the mind plays tricks or introduces optical illusions when we move into the incline plane necessary to properly strike a stationary ball sitting on the ground. You addressed this idea maybe without being aware of the significance when in the upright swing video you moved the club away what looked like about six inches and said, “there it is the club is now on plane.” That is why a quirky but effective Canadian stared with the club lined up on plane. Don’t let those blogs rob you of your hair…..it will go quick enough with time. Arguing with a pool of Facebook fools is fruitless. Stick to what you know, have experienced through success and failure and keep communicating in a simple and folksy way that appeals to the common man and leave the rest to a legacy down the line. I for one, would like to see you do a professionally produced soup to nuts video that incorporates all your cargo shorts and t-shirt videos. Finally, as to being a know it all, be encouraged by the words of Babe Ruth, “it isn’t bragging if you can do it.” Keep on doing!

  3. Jared

    I thought this was more appropriate:

    “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot … for he sees what no one else does: things that, to everyone else, are not there.”
    — Marshall McLuhan

  4. Jake G

    The next time I run a call on a person with projectile vomiting, I am going to offer them a breath mint. Great stuff Monte!


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