How golf instruction can evolve.

Three things need to happen and this is the order of importance.

1. The people labeled as experts need to stop doling out incorrect information…Johnny Miller, Peter Kostis…cough cough.

2. We need to understand that just because a tour player does it, that does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing we should aspire to do. As a matter of fact, its often something we should avoid. It’s often something they succeeded in spite of, rather than because of.

3. It should be about freedom of movement and not what the so called “correct” movement is.

#3 actually supersedes 1 and 2, but has no chance of success until 1 and 2 are rectified.




  1. Andrew Tyler

    So your saying “pulling the handle” with a bowed left wrist ala Dustin Johnson won’t make hit as long as him? 🙂

  2. Peepee

    Just got ur short game vid, worked great out on the course yest. When is ur wedge vid coming

      • WF

        I know I’m getting it! Had so many up and downs last round using your short game!

      • Peepee

        Just read your piece on the weak right/strong left hand grip. Are you still using this, didn’t look like it from the vid.

        • Peepee

          ok thanks


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