Making a change in your swing.

Like most things in the golf swing, long backswings, moving upper body forward in downswing, late wrist set, etc….these are ingrained feels and there is no drill that will eliminate it in the next small bucket.

You make an effort on every swing to rectify the situation. A week from now you will notice nothing. A month from now you will notice it looks a little better. 6 months from now it’s where you want it.

Those wanting a drill for immediate gratification are going to exhibit Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.




  1. JB

    Nice reminder on patience; the more I hear pros and really any high level performer in any discipline talk, the more I think it’s a lot more about loving the process of getting better than it is talent or the end result.

    Regarding the article, what do you think is the best way to groove swing changes? 1 at a time? Drills or hitting balls with full swings at the range?

    Specifically I am having trouble with making the club change direction from down in the initial part of the downswing, to out and around through impact. Getting better but that’s a tough move to make!

    • David Carter

      Monte is right it takes six months to see a difference . And you better make sure your set up is correct.It took me 2 year to understand that maintaining tilt behind through out the swing is a must.

  2. Bob Saunders

    Interesting observation after posting a 24 hour change in your LPGA student. What’s up with that???

    • Calvin

      That was my first thought too.
      Then I realized that her change requires conscious effort with every swing and in playing conditions she will certainly revert to old ways.
      It will be a process requiring patience and perseverance. 🙂

      • Andrew Tyler

        A day after a lesson with me….coincidence? prolly not.

  3. dtrance

    If the swing feels good, then you probably aren’t doing anything different.

  4. Jake G

    Amen to that Monte. I have experienced all of these stages of the learning process many times. During a frustrating phase of lack of progress, I remember Butch telling me a story about Tiger. He told me that he was unhappy regarding the position of his right elbow at the top of his backswing. He then went on to tell me that Tiger hit 500 balls a day thinking about nothing but the right elbow at the top for 3 months! That is crazy focus and determination if the story is accurate!


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