If I hear

the word “compress,” or any form of that word, one more time when someone is talking about hitting a golf ball…I am going to throw up. I might be more sick of that word than lag…and you know how much I love that one. Throw “coil” in there too.

These are just two more of those meaningless, made up terms to confuse us. You either do it already, or you screw your self up trying to do it on purpose as your sole task. So as Donnie Brasco would say…”faget abatit.”

If your swings thoughts are, “coil as much as possible, create lots of lag with my hands and compress the ball,” you are going to herniate a disc, tear your rotator cuff and hit the ball into someone’s swimming pool.

It reminds me of my wedding. My wife wanted to have “swagging” all over place. Didn’t know or care what it was. It sounded like a word people in the wedding industry made up to crank up fees for the venue. Turns out I was correct.

Now my wife wants to decorate the nursery of our about to be born second baby in something called…”twall” Sounds like yet another term that decorators made up to cost me more money. Turns out I was right again.

You know that old joke about…”I used to have money, then I got married and had kids”…well, I am one shopping trip away from being homeless.

Anyway, I digress…Setup well, make a good swing with rhythm and balance and hit the ball solid…who gives a rodents rear end how you are “compressing” the ball…especially if it is solid and down the middle. Trying to “compress” the ball is what gets you in trouble with all sorts of unnecessary swing thoughts, hand actions and body leans.

Oh no, I just realized I said compress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. radioman

    It is relatively easy to sell just about anything to “desperate’ people.
    Understand what they are desperate about and create a line of BS
    filled with catchy buzzwords.
    It is relatively easy to kill sales: Tell the truth.

  2. banchiline

    Monte what about “compress against the ground”? I can think of lots of times these dumba$$ TV comms . speak of “trapping” the ball & “compressing it against the turf (ground)”


    It doesn’t happen . HS video proves it doesn’t happen

    • SteelyDan

      Compressing against the ground sounds like a topped shot to me!
      But even if it did happen in a good shot, I guess Monte’s point is let it happen by itself, not by forcing it.



  3. Kirk

    Monte — Speaking of easy swings that are in tempo with no attempt to “compress” the ball, I’d love to hear what you think about K J Choi’s swing. Man, it seems effortless. Seems like he just takes the club from the ground right up to the top of his backswing, then swings the club back on through on the same line. I don’t know how far he hits it (whether he’s considered long or short), but his swing seems effortless — and his release appears to be completely natural (with no “lag” manipulation).

    I’m basing this off of the down-the-line shots they were showing of him this past weekend. Don’t really know how his swing looks head-on…

    • Kevin

      I really like watching KJ….he sure looks like he swings without a “hit” impulse. Looks the same every time.

  4. KD

    Hilarious, Monte. Sounds like my life…and by the way, it’s “toile.” The only reason I know this is because my wife talks about it ALL the time. Best I can tell, it’s a bunch of kids with theme variations including trees and farm animals in various assorted colors. Before you ask, Yes, I will be turning in my Man Card.

  5. Peter Balogh

    I did compress yesterday. It was an orange in our juicer. When I removed it, it was indeed compressed. Nice taste, much Vitamins, recommend it!

  6. Colby

    Right on cue, Michael Breed is telling America how to get that “Dustin Johnson bow” in the wrist.


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