I took the PAT once.

For those who don’t know, the PAT is a play ability test to get into and stay in the PGA program.

Essentially they pick a course, put everyone on the 6300 yard tees and you have to shoot around 78-78 to pass.

In 2003, after missing at Q-school, I decided to do it and enter the PGA program. It was at East Valley, formerly the SCPGA Courses in Beumont, CA.

Typical of new courses. Elephants in the greens, lots of canyons and lost ball areas, but all in all a decent set of courses. From the 7300 yard tees, they can be quite a challenge. From the 6300 yard tees, I could honestly play with a 2 iron, 6 iron, LW and putter and shoot around par.

This particular day, it was cold for So Cal and windy. Low 50’s and 30 mph winds. The target score was 155 (77-78). Through 16 holes I was 1 over par with three 3-putts.

They suspended play because no one was less than 10 over par….except for me. The guys in my group were headed for over 90.

Actually, “suspended play” was the wrong term. They canceled the round to be restarted the next day. In front of my two playing partners, I told one of the PGA officials that I was going out of town the next day and couldn’t come back. They said I could use my entry fee as a credit to come back for another PAT.

Being the arrogant a-hole I am, I said that my resume as a player and my 16 holes in these conditions prove that I didn’t need to come back. One of my playing partners said…

“Monte doesn’t need to be here. You should just pass him.”

He actually rained even more praise on me, but false modesty prevents me from self aggrandizing further. 😀

Anyway, I never got around to doing it again…and that was stupid. I would be a PGA member by now and would have more opportunities.

One of many mistakes I have made in my golf career to my own detriment.

I am a bad ass kisser (go along with the program) guy. The phrase, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” comes to mind.

I was never a complete jerk to anyone who didn’t provoke me first and I have always been respectful to those that have earned my respect, but I would be much farther along had I sang the company line. It’s not my nature to do so and I just have to work harder to overcome it.

Shrink session over. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Me making fun of swing systems, gurus, Tour Players who are dorks, range know it alls, people who play too slow…basically, everyone but me. 😀




  1. banchiline

    Well done Monte. Very close to rant status.

    Much applause !

  2. Calvin D

    Idiots. Just let you play two more holes. 20 minutes? And let everybody else come back tomorrow.

  3. Michael

    I’ve never heard of cancelling the round and making everyone start over. That doesn’t happen in any sport or in real events, but because the field’s god awful in the wind, they issue a re-do? Err

    • Monte Scheinblum

      My exact comment was I was being penalized because I was the only player in the field who could handle the conditions.

      IMO, the common sense thing would have just been to pass me…or let me finish with a scorekeeper. I asked for that too.

      • Bob34

        Dude, you’re in Cali. Common sense doesn’t apply when it comes to the greater good & fairness to the masses vs the individual 🙂 Sorry couldn’t help myself. Atleast it’s warm there, it’s friggen cold in Va…

        The real common sense thing would’ve been to finish the round and then if the officials decided that the conditions were too tough, give everyone else a rain check or just adjust the score required. To stop on the 16th is retarded!

  4. banner12

    I’m a little confused. You had completed 16, but where was the rest of the field? How many players had finished? Was this the 1st round of 2?

    I understand bringing the entire field back if the target score was a fixed number and the conditions were extreme and they wouldn’t score it on a curve, but why should you get a pass if
    you still play another 18? There is a reason they play 2 rounds right? Especially on a course that one can make a big number on a hole at any time correct?

    There are sometimes you just have to follow the rules. Golf is like that, even in a casual round. No one is entitled to anything. Even Tiger had to putt out on 18 with a 15 shot lead in the US Open. He didn’t say on 11, “I proved I’m the best so why don’t we just call it off now?”

    You know, stuff like that…

    • Bob34

      Good question. I had assumed they were playing both rounds the same day…

    • Lawrence (parteeboy)

      Ha ha, love this. What should we call this? A counter rant? 😆

      I’m still your friend, right? 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I would agree, but I asked to finish and they said no.

  5. Wally

    Were the any “connected people in the field? Welcome to the world of business, where if you don’t “go along” to “get along” you’re out. Maybe really talented may upset the status
    quo. Maybe you don’t really understand the GAME(behind the scenes crap) of golf

  6. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Monte, my turn to rant. Speaking of ass kisser, going with the program, or being a company man, how come I saw Pavlet smiling and speaking on camera in the recently concluded Re/Max Long Drive competition but did not see hide nor hair of you? Time to get along with the program. 😉


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