Rhythm and Tempo

IMO, the Tempo is the overall speed of the swing going back and forth…and Rhythm is how good the transition is and how in sync the swing is.

I have yet to see tempo that is too fast, but tempo that is too slow is awful.

I believe good rhythm and tempo can mask bad mechanics.

I do not think perfect mechanics can mask bad rhythm and tempo.

I also think better rhythm and tempo can be taught…as I have done so for many of my students.

I think many people over do slow tempo and absolutely destroy their rhythm.

As I said, I don’t think people have tempo that is too fast. They confuse tempo that is too fast and bad rhythm.

You can have a fast tempo and great rhythm (Nick Price). Very few people have ultra slow tempos and have anything but horrible rhythm…as I said above.

The object is to find a tempo that you are comfortable with that isn’t too slow, expel all but one or possibly two swing thoughts from your mind…and good rhythm will likely follow.




  1. banchiline

    Monte I have increased my tempo & picked up a few yards.

  2. s.

    You write, “how in sync the swing is…I believe good rhythm and tempo can mask bad mechanics.”

    I think that “in sync” is a key concept of yours. “In sync” is also a key part of the mechanics–you don’t want to over-swing your turn. The great former pro Moe Norman talked about a pendulum swing. I think what he meant is that everything turns together because that’s what he said in another video clip.

    To me, it means that arms aren’t speeding ahead–they’re just keeping up with the turn. And, when the turn is done, the swing is done. That’s what Stricker does.


  3. wally

    Learn how to waltz it will do wonders for your golf swing

  4. Dave

    Its amazing the number of people you see take the club back at a snails pace then whip it back down at the speed of light. And then after it goes in the weeds think they have too slow the takeaway down more.

  5. Bob34


    A couple of quick things if you don’t mind; 1st is more of a statement, my tempo has slown down just a bit only because I’ve worked hard on the lesson you gave me IRT controlling the backswing with my shoulders instead of starting the take-away with the forward press of my hands. 2nd, you may’ve done this already but would you mind giving your definition of “in synch”?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      In the backswing if the shoulders turn at 90*, they will automatically turn more than the hips. After the weight starts to shift to the left, the hips, shoulders and release should begin turning all at the same time. Since the hips turned less going back, they will be more open at impact and if the club releases, everything should be together.

      That’s a simple version.

      • Bob34

        Perfect. Thanks!


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