Few golfers are true OTT anymore

What I mean is they are not so over the top that it is detrimental to their golf games…and those that are, don’t care about fixing it anyway.

However, in this era of creating lag, swinging inside/out and forcing the ball to draw, being stuck is way more of an issue than OTT could ever hope to be. Yet OTT is vilified by all and swinging inside/out, lag and draws are the Holy Grail of golfers everywhere.

In the thread from GolfWrx linked below, you will see two things. A few of my comments and a video by Jim McClean. I have been critical of him in the past, but much of what he says in this video is spot on.

The worst thing a good golf swing that is over the top will produce is some fades. Swings that are stuck from trying too hard to hold lag or hit draws can produce snap hooks, blocks in the next fairway and dare I say, shanks. I have had to cure dozens of students who had the shanks as a result of searching for the dreaded draw.

You will also see how the original poster has been brainwashed by this culture of OTT being evil. He was worried about a move that was so slightly OTT, that he needed a high speed film to see it.


Here is the irony. Most “bad” OTT swings are caused by a back swing that is way too inside. You’re are forced over the top to get the club back in front of you in order to hit the ball solid. Here is where the problem comes in. People will generally hit fades with this swing, but the “cure” for these fades that turn into slices is to swing more inside/out. The two results of this are…

1. The inside back swing becomes even more inside and you are forced OTT even more.

2. You force the club on an outside path matching the path that was too inside to begin with and you hit the ball 50 yards right, duck hook it…or eventually, shank every iron shot.

Lastly, as freshprince99 points out in the thread, just because you are over the top, doesn’t mean you aren’t attacking from the inside, or on plane.

For those of you who frequent GolfWrx, if you see him post in a thread you are reading, pay attention to what he says. I like his approach.

LINK to GolfWrx thread




  1. wuz


    A very informative and enlightening post, including the link. Golf is indeed, a lot like life.
    We all seem to cruise along life’s winding trails with an awful lot of misinformation, looking
    for answers. Most of the time the solutions are found under a large pile of crap.
    You’re the guy with the hip high boots, helping the rest of us dig out the real answers.
    Maybe you oughta move to a mountaintop and grow a long beard.


  2. Bob34

    I’ve ranted about this many many times, A downswing plane that is slightly over the the top of the backswing plane but still attacks the ball from the inside shouldn’t even be described as OTT. In my mind, the only way the term OTT should even be used is if you’re approaching the ball through impact far enough from the outside that it causes major ball flight issues. Same as being too far under the top through the downswing & impact. The pendulum needs to start going the other way, I play with & see way more people at the range that’re too far UTT than OTT…

  3. kbp

    The problem is that the OTT move should NOT be defined the relationship of the club to some plane. It should be defined by the improper downswing actions of the body. The right shoulder moving out rather than down. The front abs contracting vertically rather than the back muscles and right side ab muscles contracting. Chopping wood instead of making an underhand toss. Pick your favorite cliche.

    OTT is not “wrong” because of where the club goes, per se. It’s wrong because it’s a weak way to use your body to hit a golf ball. If the OP has only a “very slight” OTT move to start, that implies that he has mostly a good move from there on out. Doesn’t sound like a big problem.

  4. S.

    I usually don’t care for MacLean. However, he makes a GREAT point: it’s NOT about the backswing.

    As long as you get to your destination, which is being loaded for the downswing, it doesn’t matter how you get there. It can be ugly like Ray Floyd or Nancy Lopez. As different as good golfers look on the way back, they don’t look very different on the way down.

    Another thing MacLean said, “…club being pulled by the body…” I think that’s what’s missing with real OOT–not enough body, too much arms. Out-of-sync.



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