I still stink

…but I “think” I have finally turned the corner with my swing.

What I mean by that is I believe I am out of repair and into maintenance…and can focus on actually playing golf instead of getting high on swingcrack.

I won’t lie, this is not the first time I have thought this. The reason I am hoping this time is different??? It is the first time in all my struggles I have had NO FORCED ACTION in my downswing. My body is unwinding naturally. That is huge. Even if I am not completely out of repair, this is a sign it is close.

My ability to score is absolutely pitiful right now because I search for a different feel each time I play. Either I find one and go low, or I play like a 10 handicap who looks like he should be better. Most great golfers do this, but not to the extent I have to. It’s like the difference between taking Advil for headache and needed them to drill a hole in your skull to relieve the pressure.

Tomorrow is the qualifying for the Northern Trust. If I can just play golf, I am liable to actually put a good number on the board. If I fall off the wagon and hit the swingcrack pipe again, it will be more of what I suffered through in San Diego and Phoenix.

I can tell you all this after what I felt yesterday and what I saw in the video below…the light is going to go on at some point and soon. Tomorrow, next week, next month…whatever.

When it goes on, I will at the very least be able to compete at the Nationwide level again…or maybe better. Until the light goes on, I am capable of 65 or 80 on any given day. Which means I still stink.

The key is to put down the pipe and play golf.

PS-You’ll notice I actually have pants and a golf shirt on. I felt the need to actually look like a professional when I go to the club now that I am an official instructor. Hopefully, this is the limit to the kind of sellout I must perform to improve my status…and I hit this ball really far…and the swing was only about 80%.

If you look on my youtube channel and compare it to swings I have posted the last 3 years, you will see this swing is way more efficient looking and has way more speed.




  1. Brett

    You’re swing looks great. Good luck tomorrow.

    • Brett

      Oops! Make that “your”. I need more coffee.

  2. Ken

    I hope you can make it to/qualify for the Nationwide event in Omaha, Nebraska, the Cox Classic – August 2 – 5.

    It’s sure to be hot and humid, and the course historically gives up lots of birdies, eagles. I don’t know how the course would fit your game, but I can guarantee at least one follower for the weekend.

  3. woody

    “I have had NO FORCED ACTION in my downswing. My body is unwinding naturally. That is huge. ”

    You’re right, that’s huge, and you look to be in great balance.

  4. poops

    Much better swing. You’re right, the unwinding looks more natural and less contrived than what you did before. Good luck!

  5. Damon

    Do you have a caddie who can keep you off of the “swing crack”? Someone who you will listen to?

    Good luck tomorrow. What’s the correct saying to say to a golfer – is it, “Break a leg”???

  6. Hank

    the swing looked really smooth, but who was the guy with the long pants????…lol,, im used to seeing you in cargo shorts,,, that guy looked like a pro…

  7. Calvin


  8. Calvin

    Strange game. I just had a great ball striking day thinking only about how the shaft revolves around my right thumb. So is that swing crack or a benefit of limiting my poor brain to thoughts of something that hasn’t a thing to do with the swing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I would say #2…that could develop into #1 if you over analyze it.

      • Calvin

        I’ll see if I can keep from turning it into monster. It sure feels good to strike the ball purely. Especially with blades.

  9. Shallowface

    That looked great! Best of luck, Monte!

  10. meateater

    OK, first off, you need a higher speed camera. As fast as your swing is, it is almost impossible to break it down at that video speed.

    I would have two nitpicks. One, at :30 you appear to be in a classic OTT position, with the shaft bisecting your shoulder. At impact, you looked great. Classic big hitter pose, with upper and lower body turned beautifully, great spine tilt. Nitpick two, follow through looked a bit high to me. I assume you were hitting a fade. The end result is a swing that is kind of vertical and requires a high face closing rate at impact, leading to possible inconsistency when you get tired or are off. Of course, Phil Mickelson has the same problem and he’s done pretty well.

    Plenty of guys have won on Tour with worse swings, Brian Gay for one.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Nice observations and I have two comments.

      1. I am trying to curb the use of the term OTT. I want to limit the use of the term OTT to describe what beginners and high handicappers do when they whip it inside, don’t shift the lower body and severely reroute the hands over the plane.

      I am trying to prevent people from making a wholesale effort to swing more inside/out and disconnect their swings by forcing their arms out too much.

      Other than that, I agree with your analysis.

      2. Look at my previous swings from even as recently as a month ago and see if you don’t think those issues will be eliminated in a timely manner.

      • woody

        Video looking down the line from behind has some servious drawbacks, one being no depth perception, and it creates illusions. All of the stuff you see from behind…you can’t see any of it when you’re over the ball, hence no feedback.

        Trying to get a swing to look right to an outside observer is swingcrack. Get it to BE right, and it will look right. And it looks pretty darn good right now.

        It’s an athletic move, not an art contest.

        Some wisdom from Hogan’s “Five Lessons”: Some measures long esteemed are really not important at all.

      • rojoass

        there’s a difference tween a pharmacist & a drug dealer………..

        I’m not a drug dealer…..so nothing to smoke here………

        forget all the puff & fluff. all you need to do is get off of yer back foot WITHOUT SLIDING. This “hip bump” is BS & has gotten out of hand.

        if you slide to get off yer back foot at some point you gotta stall something to try to catch up……….& there’s yer flip

        a flip can be a miss either way just depends on WHEN YOU FLIP IT (late or early)

        that ain’t swincrack


      • Monte Scheinblum


        I don’t quite agree with you on the hip slide/bump.

        Most golfers don’t get their hips far enough forward. It becomes a slide and need for a stall when the shoulder are not turning correctly.

        If you shoulders are turning around your spine, it is nearly anatomically impossible to slide.

        When the shoulders turn too vertically, the lateral hip movement becomes what we know as a slide in a negative way.

        If the swing is in sync and the shoulders are turning around the spine, the hips will start to turn immediately after they bump and no stall will happen.

        That is why releasing from the top is so important. It gets the shoulders and hips rotating and prevents the slide no matter ho far the hips move forward.

  11. rojoass

    well there’s pharmacist, drug dealers & then the Doctor. You’re the Doctor & will get no argument from me.

    We may be saying the same thing just in a differing manner. My ref. to the bump is directed to the “bumpers” that bump & quit………..never get around to rotating. That to me is really a slide then stall…….that wuz me……..before my intervention

    I’m not a dealer , doctor , or pharmacist……..just a recovered addict………. lol….

    damn I just found a lighter & spoon in my lap……..I gotta call my wing man


  12. north

    Hi Monte,

    What is it going to take for you to get “stink” out of your head?

    Bobby Jones wrote about “ferorcious temidity” as the necessary mindset for a good golfer – that is a long way away from the mindset you are writing about these days.

    BTW, I don’t believe for a minute that you physically stink – you have hit every shot well at least once.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When I say I stink, it’s mostly mental…now it’s almost all mental.

      It has never been that I can’t hit good shots, it’s that I can’t do it for 18 holes.

      • Lukey

        Not that I’m a pro or anything, but yeah, even if you are just using words like ‘stink’ to describe yourself for our entertainment, isn’t that the kind of negativity that golfers of your level just don’t need? Even at my average at best level, I really think your self talk is one of the most important things in golf and even if you are just kidding around with yourself jokingly calling yourself a ‘choke’ or something, it will nibble away at your mindset. Believe in yourself man!


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