I played 9 yesterday and hope today is much of the same.

I am prone to hyperbole in order to get the point across or make something funny, but this is an honest and good assessment.

I very much want to make it today and am going to try my ass off…but after the nine I played yesterday, I am finally convinced I am on the right track and it’s only a matter of time before I play like a top professional again. What I shoot today good or bad does not have any relevance to where I will be in the spring and summer.

I try to judge my game the same way I judge the games and improvement of everyone else. I may or may not be good today. I know for sure I will be better 6 month from now, which is the measuring stick I use with my students.

You don’t want bandaids that may or may not make you better today and tomorrow, you want solid changes that may make you uncomfortable today, but better 6 months from now.

I have been successful making all my students better for the future, but teaching myself with a two dimensional video has taken me in some wrong directions.

My nine holes yesterday was not a course record pace, but it was easy. Minimal swing thoughts, no forced manipulations, very little fear of bad shots…and an easy feel and fluidity of motion.

I hit some loose shots, I hit some great shots. I hit an 8* R11 driver off the deck from 275 into a 2 club wind to 6 inches…LOL.

I shot two under, but my mind was clear and I just played golf. I can honestly say this is the first time this has happened since before the millennium change.

I am going to try hard and do that today. Again, I am holding myself to the same standards I set for my students an all of you. I am going to make an effort today and every time I play…and hope that effort leads to greener pastures.

I don’t mind being a guinea pig. My failures will end up successes for all of you.

I am going to post round updates on Twitter…





  1. Brett

    I guess I’ll have to dust off my twitter account. Good luck today.

  2. Ron

    Keep that mindset and good luck today!

  3. Calvin

    May the Force be with you.

  4. woody

    Swingcrack addicts everywhere are pullin’ for ya.

  5. steve

    Have you thought of switching to cricket, everyone over here in Hong Kong plays. SOUNDS MUCH LESS STRESSFUL than golf cuz

  6. Doug Benner

    Go get’em Monte – good guys can succeed.

  7. meateater

    Yeah, good luck Monte. I’d love to see you and Jamie paired at a Nationwide event. Probably be the only time in your life you go first on second shots.

  8. HoldTheLag

    Relax…take a deep breath…there you go.


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