Damn, should have made it-EDITED with round details

Shot 72 and gave away a lot of shots. Gonna miss by one or two.

Will have a full description later today.

The good news is swingcrack never brought me down. Stayed with it all day.


I can make a few clear distinctions between my round today and every round I have played for the last decade…tournament and fun rounds included.

It was the first time I can remember playing golf instead of making swings, chipping motions and putting strokes. My mind was free and I just played. Which leads to point two.

I looked like a professional golfer who had control of all facets of his game and just didn’t play well.

I didn’t drive it very well, but either hit it in the fairway or missed it somewhere manageable.

I wasn’t stuffing irons, but had good distance control most of the day and generally was 30 feet and in. When I wanted draws, the ball drew, when I hit wanted fades, the ball faded.

Wedges flew at the hole and chips were solid, soft and landing where I tried to.

Putting was solid, I just didn’t make many. Lots of edges burned.

I had a 4 foot downhill slider with a foot of break on 16. That was after a circus shot from 260 out of the trees over water to about 40 feet in the fringe.

Had I hit this shot during a tour event, it would have made sports center, no problem.

Had to dink it and didn’t play enough break and missed it low.

On 18, I was blocked out by a tree and had to slice my second shot. Didn’t quite slice it enough and my chip from left of the green was in a lie I couldn’t get any spin and ended up 20 feet. Almost made that.

If I could have been sharp in one facet of my game, I would have shot a smooth 69 and made it through.

Every part was just a hair off and I spent the whole day almost making birdie, but not quite getting it done.




  1. woody

    You’re competitive, just didn’t get the breaks.

    Confidence. Momentum.

  2. rojoass

    I’m proud. You should be proud. Never quit.

    It’s amazing how blue the sky is without the purple haze………..

    smoke free…….no bongs allowed


  3. Lukey

    Sounds like progress! Keep it going, your time is near…

  4. Doug Benner

    This old grandfather joined Twitter for the first time yesterday to follow your round yes. You’re so close, Monte…as Winston Churchill said – never, never, never give up.

  5. readygolfer

    Thanks Monte. It was fun to be part of your gallery via Twitter. Do you think that tweeting helped you away from the swingcrack?


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