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  2. Lukey

    Hi Monte. Not a twitterer myself, but I’m definitely a new convert to your blog and your method. To give you a little background, I used to be a decent player, but didn’t really know anything about the golf swing – I was just of the grip it and rip it school and so when I lost my game a year or two ago, I didn’t really know why. A few months ago I decided it was time for a re-dedication and to do something about it. Since then I’ve read all the instruction books, watched endless YouTube lessons and have subscribed to various forums and got myself in to an even bigger mess. The forums are the funniest. Lots of very knowledgeable people who are only trying to help I know, but the moment you post a video, some advocate of someone’s method is telling you that you need to tear it all apart and go with so and so’s method and hit 9/3’s with a sand wedge for 50 years until you stop flipping then you can move up to a pitching wedge for the next 50 years! Or, the usual one, you need to watch Ben Hogan or Moe Norman and meditate 8 hours a day to a 5 lessons audio book or something equally ridiculous! Frankly, the advice has mostly been completely over my head and I’ve wasted hours at the range swinging like some sort of contortionist trying to fit with someone’s method, convincing myself that the the shanks and the fats will go away if I just hit another 10,000 balls. If I’ve learnt one thing in the last few months, it’s that I can now see how so many world class touring pros have managed to completely lose their games.

    The other day I was watching slow motion videos of Tom Watson and a light bulb went off. The guy was just swinging and has the most beautiful natural release and I was thinking – where is this lag and firing of the hips and rotating at the speed of light that everyone has been banging on about? And this is a guy that’s nearly winning majors aged 60. So then I did a bit of a search on release lessons and stumbled across your 3 part series on release and well, they are a masterpiece. Finally, someone talks some sense. I know exactly what I have to do now. It really is basically just a turn back and a turn through and all those crazy angles that the likes of Woods and Hogan generate are just because they are so strong and so talented and so hard working. Needless to say, I trawled through all the old editions of your blog and there are plenty more nuggets in there.

    So basically, following all the gushing praise, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for returning my sanity. Now I can get back to the rest of my life and away from the endless stream of forums and instructional videos knowing that I just have to work on a few things which happen to be the right things. And back to your original point on twitter – I’ll at least be recommending your blog and site to every golfer I know that wants some help and if I don’t solve my own problems, I think I’ll almost certainly be back for one of your proper video lessons. Keep up the good work!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Glad I could help. It was actually a 5 part series.

      • Lukey

        Then I will dig out the other two parts! Good luck with the qualifying…!

  3. Sean

    Yep, followed. Not sure if you have decided what you want to tweet about, but as an interested amateur, it might be nice to hear thoughts when the tournaments are going on Saturdays and Sundays. Maybe a combo of what’s typically going through a pro’s mind, with some anti-Johnny Miller snark sprinkled in.

  4. readygolfer

    Replied to your last tweet. Why did Tom Watson always have a sly smile when the weather sucked?


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