I know just how Doug feels




  1. Bruce

    Hey Monte, have you ever seen Kevin James in Vegas? I think he’s there pretty often. My wife loves him. We saw him at the Mirage a few years ago and he didn’t disappoint.

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    Saw him on HBO. I actually met the woman who the magic carpet story was about.

    How’s the game?

  3. Bruce

    It was getting there, but I took a new job a couple of months ago and haven’t been able practice as much as I would have liked. I needed a little break anyway. My handicap dropped about 3 strokes since I saw you in May. I’m going to start making time again because I liked where I was heading.

  4. b1U5wuspeP

    You couldn’t smooth a steep plane if you had a hot date with a…..lost my train of thought.


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