When chipping, pitching and hitting out of the sand…




  1. Mat

    Bit off topic, but I’ve been focussing of keeping my wrists relaxed thru all my swings recently. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in ball-striking, especially evident in the short game. I wonder how many of us amateurs swing with locked up or tense wrists and don’t even know?

  2. Justin

    So monte, lets say if I have one of those longer pitches/half wedge shots where my arms are close to parallel with the ground. If the club doesn’t cause my wrist to hinge here, should it just be “hanging” naturally however it causes my wrist to hinge in this position?

  3. goinlow

    Hey Monte would love to see you pass on your short game wisdom to us, it’s long overdue. any time frame on that? When you are done slaying the dragons of the full swing?


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