I got the answer I was looking for.

In a nutshell someone sent me an email that said my inquiries come off as whiny and pandering. Not my intent, but definitely the result.

Free wordpress blog, separate free message board, unclear and less than mediocre teaching site…all terrible. Unorganized videos and thoughts and no clear theory or path to better golf.

All correct.

I am going to continue to do this blog for the time being and an occasional video. However, I have already taken the first step in creating an awesome site that will be interactive and create a community, as well as a more coherent display of my ideas about the swing and how to get better. Don’t know how long it will take, or exactly what it will be like, but I am going to do it right this time.

I had no idea about there being a “Swing Surgeon” until after the site was completed. This time, I am going for my own brand. Monte Scheinblum long drive champion, pro golfer and instructor extraordinaire…LOL.

I want golf to be fun and much easier than it is now…and if I can be financially successful as a result…all the better. 😀




  1. Wally

    Remember the five P’s of marketing?
    just as in the golf swing if you want to succeed stick to the bacics

  2. s.

    “All correct.”

    –Maybe overly harsh…but nevertheless, you deserve a pat on the back for your ability to assess it dispassionately.

    The normal reaction would be, “Who does he think he is”?

  3. Eric

    Stumbled across your videos on youtube. Great lessons and going through the drills!!

    Im catching up on your blog… good reading.. keep it up!!!

  4. seveonsunday

    damn, can’t wait for the new site… your advice is golden! It will be great to get it up on a bigger scale. More power to ya!


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