Always be on the look out for a hustle…

…on bets that seem too good to be true.

Here are some bets that I won big money on in the past. See if you can figure it out before I post the results tomorrow.

1. A guy who was a 20 handicap. I offered to give him two strokes per hole if I got one throw per hole.

2. A guy who fancied himself as a big hitter (about 260-270) and told people he was a 300 hitter…I told him I would have him a long drive contest and he could hit driver, then an LW to my one driver.

3. I bet two guys who were low single digits (one was a zero and one was a 2) they could play a two ball scramble and I got one throw per hole and would hit no drivers.

4. I would hit every shot off my knees against another pro playing left handed.

Give your thoughts. The scores that you think were shot, the hustle, or any other comment.




  1. Neal

    The throws are almost certainly out of play or out of bounds, right?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Actually, that is only one part of it. 😀 Even if they figure that part out and say I can’t touch their ball.

  2. s.

    “driver, then an LW to my one driver.”

    In a long-drive contest, all balls are hit from the teeing ground, so basically the LW was a throwaway, and it was driver against driver.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Nope. He could hit driver, go out there and hit LW from where he drove it.

  3. Michael

    If you had a throw per hole, you didn’t miss a green and had easy birdie putts all day. That takes care of 1 and 3. Although I do like the idea of throwing the opponents ball into a hazard, into a buried lie, etc. I suppose that takes care of 1 and 3 as well hahaha

  4. FredL

    I’m not up to the lingo…but what do you mean by 1 throw?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I get to pick a ball up and throw it once per hole.

  5. Steve Bishop

    On 2 he gets to hit his driver then his LW, but you get to hit your driver twice. The only “one” in that statement is that you’re carrying one club but he is carrying two.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Nope. He hits driver, goes out there and hits LW and I get to hit driver once.

      • Michael

        Was the long drive contest done on a hole where there was a forced carry of 260-270 minimum? Hard for him to hit his LW when in the middle of a ravine or water hazard.

      • Steve Bishop

        You got to hit from the red tees and he hit from the blues?

  6. Christian

    I’m guessing you crushed the pro playing left handed when you were on your knees unless he was a Sean Clement kind of guy that is very good either way. I’m thinking your drives were good but the rest of your game suffered from your knees (must be hard to hit iron shots that aren’t teed up), so maybe an 82? And the guy playing left handed shot 90?


  7. James H

    I assume you’d be somewhat ‘reasonable’ with the throws?

    1. It would be very unlikely that your opponent would ever hit any greens in regulation, so he gets par at best, but most likely bogie or worse on every hole. Screw throwing the ball into hazards or OB, you could just throw every ball back in the fairway 50 or 60 yards. A 20 handicap won’t hit many greens from 200+. Monte wins 5 & 4.

    2. Your opponent would have to hit 2 great shots back-to-back, but you only have to hit one. You have a big statistical advantage in this scenario. Monte 350, Opponent 340.

    3. Similar to #1. Even scratch players don’t hit every green from 200+, especially from the rough or weird stances. And you could probably still outdrive them with a 3-wood. You’d have a big advantage on almost every approach shot, and they’d have to get up-and-down on the par 3’s which isn’t easy either. Monte wins 6 & 4.

    4. You can hit irons from your knees?? Having a hard time buying this one

  8. Calvin D

    #1: As soon as he hit the green I would throw it as far off into as much trouble as I could. Or to a place that won me the hole.

    #2: Could be straight up.

    #3: Similar to #1.

    #4: You were playing on your knees and you were playing left handed? Against a pro?


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