The secrets

1. One throw per hole means I could throw his ball out of bounds any time I wanted to. I believe I shot about 68 and he didn’t break 130 as he got very frustrated when I kept throwing his ball into the OB or unplayable areas. I didn’t give away the real secret to the throw, which came up on bet #3.

2. After said long knocker beat one out there about 270, I turned around and drove my ball in the other direction down the previous fairway as the key phrase I used. “You cannot out drive my drive with a driver and an LW.”

3. This one was a slaughter. They heard about the first bet and said I couldn’t throw their ball, only mine. They shot about 7 or 8 under. I had a good ball striking day and an even better throwing day. On the first hole I hit 3W/LW to about 8 feet and threw (rolled) my ball in the hole for an eagle 2. The second hole I hit a 3W and an iron to about 25 feet in two on a par 5 and threw it up there to about a foot and tapped in to go 4-under after two holes.

Theoretically, if you hit it and threw it well enough, you could shoot 32…for 18 holes.

I remember shooting in the high 40’s that day. I don’t remember them even tying a hole. I am sure they tied a few, but I was never in danger of losing a hole. Even on a bad day mid 50’s is a high score.

4. The guy playing left handed hadn’t seen me hit it off my knees and didn’t know I had a SW cut down and bent flat for chipping and shots of about 60-70 yards. I can drive it 300 and hit some beauty knock down 3 woods…and for those skeptics that don’t buy me being able to hit an iron…it won’t cost you much to see me do it. 😀

Putting is easy. You use your regular putter like a long putter.

He was around 150 and I threatened to break 80. A triple derailed me late in the round.

I’d probably have trouble breaking 90 now, but with a little practice, you wouldn’t want to play me. I did put on trick shot shows for a long time.




  1. Adam

    Monte, Yesterday you said on #3 that, ” I got one throw per hole and would hit no drivers.” But when you explained it today you said, “On the first hole I hit driver/LW to about 8 feet and threw (rolled) my ball in the hole for an eagle 2.” What gives?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Just a typo. Force of habit to say I hit driver off the tee. It’s fixed.

  2. retired guy

    Monte, I’d love to see a video of you hitting a driver 300 off your knees. I think it would shut up the crowd who think you get all the power in the swing from the legs.

    I’m also guessing it might take a couple of UFC fighters with you to collect on some of those bets.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The video of me making the hole in one that some thought was fake was a 300 yard knee shot.

      I collected all of them.

  3. seveonsunday

    its like the scene in tin cup where Don Johnson hits down the road…

  4. kbp

    I’ve never understood people getting taken on any variation of the #3 bet. It’s as equally valid to assume the “throw” counts as a stroke as not, unless it is specifically said to be a ‘free” throw. If it’s clearly stated as a “free” throw, who in their right mind would knowingly give a superior player a stroke hole?

    Yes, I understand a “trick” is the whole point, but if it isn’t ironclad, you’re just threatening physcial violence to extort money. No need for the pretense of a bet. 🙂

    The Driver/LW bet is awesome. I think I could win that one. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I didn’t threaten any physical violence. The other poster thought I had to. The only time I used physical violence was when someone lost to me consistently, never paid, finally won once, wanted me to pay immediately and tried to get physical with me when I said “put it on my tab” like he had done in the past.

      That’s actually a good story I should tell.

    • banner12

      I agree. I thought the ‘throw’ counted as a stroke. If it didn’t only an idiot would take that bet. You’re giving away 18 shots per round. Any decent player could shoot in the 50’s under that system.

      We’re they drunk?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Everyone assumes you are just going to throw your drive farther down the fairway. Only 1 out 10 people get the trick and are eager to take the bet.

  5. Will

    I’ve never bet on the course before. Then again, I know better than to take things at face value from my hoop days. Every one of these bets would have thrown up a red flag. I would have had no clue what the catch was, but I don’t have a big enough head to bite on any of these. Well, except for maybe the long-drive bet…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      We’ve all heard of his exploits. Dewey Tomko is today’s version. Knew all the hustles.


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