I don’t like the term neutral grip.

It makes as much sense as the term “square club face.”

Neutral to what?

It wouldn’t be such an issue, but the term neutral seems to be taken as synonymous with correct.

The thing is, one of the most important, if not the most important, keys to a good impact is the trail arm position at impact…and most golfers have trouble getting the trail arm to a good position at impact with a neutral grip…and if they do, the face is often very open to the path coming into impact.




  1. David Westenkirchner

    Ok, I’ll bite. Is there one of your videos that demonstrates a good “trail arm at impact position”?

  2. Chris

    Monte- I have corrected my primary tilt away which shortened my backswing but my miss now, at least (1/3 of my drives) is Mr. Snappy, off the toe, high on the face, line drives. I use a strong grip- LH v- points at sternum, RH at right shoulder- should I weaken for less release or is it something else? When it’s not in the next county, it’s a nice push draw. So there is some variable I’m not repeating.

    I hope you come to the NW to visit your old stomping grounds soon!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Hard to say without seeing it. Likely too far from the inside.

  3. James

    Man I love this Monte. My objective is get my right arm, or trail arm, in a good position. For me, I have to take a stronger trail hand grip due to old elbow injuries (compensations for injury are fun eh?) but this allows me to get my right arm in the position you describe much much better. Great video!


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