The outing in Phoenix

It’s November 15-17 at The Point at Lookout Mountain.

3 Days with on course lesson Monday.

The people in Chicago, both groups in New Jersey, Atlanta, Columbus and KC (just this last week) all had a great time and enjoyed the format.

Here is a LINK to one person’s opinion.

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  1. Henry Frankel

    Here is opinion about Monte’s terrific KC three-day clinic

    Monte came to Kansas City to put on one of his three-day clinics. Thirteen signed up, but about 5 could not attend the last day. Many of you have watched his U-Tube mini-lessons and I imagine that some of you have purchased his short game video. Just imagine Monte popping out of the screen, looking at your swing, and telling you whether or not you commit the fault illustrated in the mini-lesson or if you’ve mastered the short-game swing.
    At the beginning of the first day, we each hit several shots while Monte and the other participants watched. Monte asked us to identify any swing-faults. He would agree with some suggestions, but often would say that there is something more fundamental, something that causes or brings about ensuing mistakes. Fix the fundamental mistake and most others will take care of themselves. After identifying everyone’s fundamental mistake, he worked individually with each of us, explaining and demonstrating the mistake, showing us how to fix it, and checking to see if we were on the right track. The day ended with a short game lesson. Monte introduced his method of keeping the right arm moving and using the bounce of the club, just as he demonstrates in his short game video. I’d say that by the end of second day everybody could execute the basic shot. To help those who did not get the move right initially, he would give individual drills to remove the particular problem. I was keeping my head down too long which restricted proper movement of my right shoulder. He had me lift my head up toward the target before starting my downswing. It worked. He had others hit the shot with just their right arm forcing them to keep their right arm moving. It worked.
    During the second day, we continued to work on our swings; Monte again monitored us, sometimes explaining how our new swing required us to make an additional change to eliminate a Band-Aid move necessitated by our old mistake. Monte wants to make sure we definitely understand what we have to do. He likes questions. He encourages dialogue. If you don’t think you’ve understand what he means, he wants you to tell him. He then explains it differently. My fundamental mistake was bringing the club back way too far to the inside. Once I started to bring the club back correctly, I had to stop spinning out my hips, a Band-Aid move I had done to square the club because of my fundamental mistake. After lunch we had a friendly competition. Monte wanted to show us how we often revert to our old swing when under pressure – another lesson. We then went back to practice our short game. The day closed with Monte bombing the ball. His swing looks effortless, even when he swings over 125 miles per hour. During the third day, we ventured out onto the course. Monte alternates between groups, spending two or three holes at a time with each group. He watches each of us, seeing if we have cured our fundamental error, checking for new ones, and seeing other ways to improve our swing. We also hit a variety of shots around the green. He would pick a shot and have us execute it, further explicating elements of his short game. We ended the day working on our short games before Monte had to leave for the airport at around 2 o’clock.
    I believe that everyone improved, and definitely left knowing what they had to do to continue improving. Monte spent equal time with everyone. Although we were a group, he doesn’t give a group lesson. He gives individual mini-lessons punctuated by twenty or so minutes of working on your swing before he returns to given another mini-lesson to see how you’re doing and to make further suggestions. Fellow students also help each other. The guy next to me brought the club back too slowly. I would check to see if he was speeding up his backswing; he would check to see if I was bringing the club back too far to the inside.
    If you like Monte’s U-Tube videos, you’ll love his clinics and learn a lot about your swing. You’ll also better understand whether or not what he says in a particular U-Tube video applies to you. If you’ve not seen his videos, I think you’ll still love the clinic, and definitely improve your swing. An added bonus is that he loves to tell stories, and lots of them are very funny.


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