Come on people!!!!!!!

First off, none of the people I am going to rant about are stupid people, nor was it their first time at the golf course.

Something about a golf course and golf club that makes 80% of people’s brains escape their sculls and remain in escrow in thin air until the clubs go in the trunk and the car leaves the course.

Guy shows up with a 40 yard slice and says he wants help with it.

I tell him what to change. He hits a ball that could almost be called a cut and I tell him great job.

“…but it’s still slicing.”

A guy comes to me with a swing where his hands are barely at his right hip when he makes contact with 7-iron.

We make a couple of small changes and he starts delivering a vertical shaft to impact and gains almost a club.

“Fantastic work,” I say.

“Yes, but I have no shaft lean.”

Door number three cant hit a wedge on the face because he is well past parallel trying to hit it 60 yards.

“It worked ok for John Daly.”…and was serious.

I got an email 3 days later that said…”I hit a bucket today trying to shorten my swing and it didn’t work.-”


So apparently, Dustin Johnson was a 15 handicap, was told to bow his left wrist and one small bucket later, was winning at Pebble and sleeping with Paulina.


You want consistent, incremental improvement.

So to be fair, I also don’t believe you have to get worse before you get better.

If you get worse, either you aren’t doing the change properly, I (or whomever) haven’t given you the right change…or most likely, the change wasn’t understood or explained in a way that made feel sense to you.

The object is to be better 6 months from now and have a swing that will work if you live to be 100.




  1. Peepee

    Monte, people are stupid. Start charging a huge fee and they’ll listen more. Guaranteed!

  2. David Carter

    Monte your right I took a online lesson from you and you told me to maintain tilt away and from target to eliminate casting.I was casting so bad but now I’m not casting anymore and that was a year of hard work of 300 times a day of maitainig just takes time to get the right muscle memory

  3. Peter R.

    Golfers buy into the industry’s snake oil and quick fixes. It takes time and repetition and effort and good advice. It doesn’t happen from the one miracle tip that corrects your bad habits instantly and permanently.

    How many hours per year does a Tour player spend to STAY GREAT? How many balls do they hit, how many hours of coaching and the best possible equipment and club fitting.

    Then ask yourself how many hours per year you’re spending actually learning and practicing to get a bit better.

    Then be reasonable and match your expectation for progress to the time and effort you’re expending.

    My top 2 training devices are both uncomfortable and awkward at first but very quick to teach some solid fundamentals:

    The Swing Jacket quickly reinforced on-plane and let me feel what release was for the first time. If you can’t feel it you can’t repeat it. Every beginner should use one from the first time they swing a club.

    The Tour Striker training club because if you’re not hitting down on the ball with forward shaft lean it punishes the result.

    Instant valid feedback that promotes good habits quickly.

    • David Carter

      I bought the tour striker and I filmed myself hitting balls and I was still casting and had a early release.when I fixed my set up (maintaining tilt away from the target and keeping my head still and lower body shifting and keeping the upper body back I got rid of the early release.Fuck those training aids if you do what Monte says he’ll correct your problem if you practice it daily

  4. eric

    Monte!! Im slowly fixing my early extension but the ball isn’t flying 290!

    What the fuq is going on ????

  5. JohnnyD

    Monte – How do you increase your speed without disconnecting? It seems when I try to speed up my tempo, everything gets out of whack, especially with the driver. What’s a good tip for increase swing speed over time?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s about finding out what is causing the sequence problem.

  6. Michael C.

    Congratulations, Monte! You’re growing as an instructor.

    You have the knowledge pertaining to the golf swing. You can explain the proper movements in different ways to make your students “get it”. The trick with some people who already “know everything” is convincing them that they’re doing it wrong. Their egos can’t handle it.

    At the risk of being confrontational I have two points. 1 – There is no muscle memory. Muscles do not have memories. The proper terminology is motor memory. 2 – A swing jacket and a tour striker? Really??

  7. Matt Johnson

    We are our own worst enemies. I shot my first video of my swing today and am thinking I might be a better bowler. 😉

    I like your format and comments on the samples on the website. Are you accepting new students for internet video lessons?

  8. Don Lissen

    “The object is to be better 6 months from now”

    –That’s a long time. From reading your blog, I get the idea that you’re most concerned with shoulders,arms, and hands. I wonder if it has to be that complicated.

    If we look at Hogan’s exercise on Ed Sullivan’s show (LINK below)… (0:49) Hogan, Ed Sullivan exercise

    …what he’s doing all has to do with lower body, though it’s not readily apparent. Confirmation comes from “Five Lessons.” He said to leave the hands & arms out of it. (People don’t have to know why this works.)

    I wonder if teaching what Hogan is doing would give faster improvement. The problem is, you’re a world-class athlete, and you do it automatically…so you might not know how to teach it. But, nobody else teaches it either.

    This year’s long-drive Open finalists seemed to be looking more like Hogan…balanced.

    • Jake G

      Don, have no idea how you took all of Monte’s wisdom and broke it down into “he is most concerned with shoulders, arms, and hands”??? On another note, world class athletes don’t do anything automatically, especially in golf. If that were the case, they wouldn’t ever need to practice or have swing coaches for that matter. Monte gives a ton of his time to help people out (I am one who has benefited greatly from his help). If you want to see thousands of others just go to golfwrx. He has a real gift for being able to communicate in numerous ways how to accomplish something desired in the swing. I think it was really rude and disrespectful to write such a ridiculous post as you did here on his blog after all that he has done for so many. I say if you don’t like what he teaches, do us all a favor and go somewhere else!

      • Don Lissen

        “world class athletes don’t do anything automatically, especially in golf.”

        We’ll have to disagree on that. The best in any sport are those who start young and train their bodies subconsciously. A downswing is .3 seconds. You really think great golfers all know what they do? That’s why Butch Harmon (?) coined the phrase “feel isn’t real.”

        I’m not selling Monte short. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be holding the lag.

        • Michael C.

          I read an article the other day pertaining to natural ability. It stated the following:

          A new Princeton meta-analysis suggests practice, while good for bettering performance, won’t guarantee perfection in a task no matter how much effort you put into it. “Fluid intelligence generally predicts how well a person can ‘pick up’ the rules in a new domain and carry them out” says study chief Brooke Macnamara, Phd.
          Translation: When it comes to how much you can improve at something, there’s no substitute for natural-born talent.
          She continued, “That doesn’t mean you should ditch a beloved endeavor if you enjoy it and it fits into your life. Though, you may might need to accept that you may not become the world’s greatest at it”.

          I believe Monte is a good instructor. He may make you a little better now and a lot better in 6 months but, lets not have unreal expectations. The best players in the world don’t hit every fairway and every green

  9. Monte

    Well then you’ve gotten the idea wrong and your thinking is why people aren’t getting better.

  10. James

    In anything you hit a ball, including golf, there is a tilt away from the direction in which you are trying to hit. Golf isn’t that much different, to me anyhow, from baseball in that you load, rotate (took stride out since you really don’t do that in golf), initiate the swing, release and extend all the while maintaining the tilt away from the direction you’re hitting the ball. Oversimplification this is I know but it’s pretty much how any ball is hit in any sport in my humble opinion.

  11. Chuck Schreiner

    Somewhere Monte wrote the goal of the golf teacher was to generally point the student in a better direction. Something like that.

    The reason I think this guy is state of the art as an instructor is this general direction from a lesson is supplemented with a thorough, consistent and well reasoned set of principles in video and in print. Very little arbitrary or irrelevant dogma that I can see.

    What Monte says about the process is exactly my experience. I keep pushing at it, and pushing, and, damn, all of a sudden I have a very nice and still improving swing. Index is down and still dropping.


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