I am getting ready for the Remax

This week I started heading to the gym and pulled out a long drive club and started getting serious about competing.

Knowing what I know about Trackman numbers, yardages, seeing the grid last weekend, knowing how far the balls go up there, how far other guys hit the ball, both in person and their trackman numbers, etc…

I would say I am middle of the pack right now. However, I know what I am capable of, how to train for it and setup my clubs for it.

I have been hitting a 48″ driver (USGA max). It doesn’t have a counter weight in it yet, but I am getting some from Tour Lock Pro to setup all my drivers. For those who don’t know, my winning driver had 180 grams of weight in the butt of the club to counterbalance the head heavy club. Even at 50″, it balanced the same at a 44″ driver. Now I am going to balance a 48″ driver like a 45″ driver and the feel will increase speed for me. I will probably use an 80 or 100 gram weight that are suppose to be for putters…lol.

I am also hitting the gym. I designed a special workout for myself with an expert in golf and MMA training.

It is nearly certain I can be among the elite by the time the event rolls around at the end of October. Whether I am mentally and physically ready to have a chance to win remains to be seen. These guys have been doing this for a long time and even though I was the best for a long period of time, that was in the era of hickory and the gutta percha.

I am using a weight machine (that I don’t know the name of and will post a picture) using my core and weight shift to make a downswing motion…being very careful not to use my arms, as that promotes pulling the handle. I am swinging my medicine ball like the video I posted on YouTube and doing cardio to get some stamina as I am horribly out of shape.

The Tour Lock Pro guys made counter balancing my drivers a lot easier than it was in he past when I melted a fishing sinker and poured it into a shaft extender. They have a fantastic product and theory. They weighted my driver and 3-wood and will be doing my irons later in the year. John, the student whose videos I posted last week, had his driver setup yesterday and he loved it, and will probably have his whole bag setup at some point.

Here is their website, I am not being paid by them, I didn’t even get my stuff for free, I just believe it is a good product…and you all know what I usually think about training devices, gimmicks and such, so it says something that I like this product.


My grammar and paragraph structure was exceptionally awful in this post, but I think I made the points I had to.




  1. Jason

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see your progress. Shawn Clement has been using tour lock pros for a year now and a lot of his followers love it too. The opti-vibe allows you to adjust the weight higher or lower in the shaft.

  2. Brett

    Good luck with training, Monte. This will be fun.

  3. Bob Saunders

    Good luck Monte.

  4. woody

    “I am using a weight machine (that I don’t know the name of and will post a picture) using my core and weight shift to make a downswing motion…being very careful not to use my arms, as that promotes pulling the handle.”

    –Sounds optimum.

  5. rojoass

    How about “speed training” from the Great one in Hawaii ?
    Using his speedchains. I went from 104 to 118 average…….. in less than 90 days…….when I average 125 I’ll use them just to maintain. And I’m 57 years old

    He has X-Strong for your kind of talent.


  6. Steve Bishop

    Monte, the counterweight is more of an advantage than to just counterbalance. Mechanically it helps to add torque in the final stage of your release.

    Try adding more weight to the butt end and you’ll actually have a competitive advantage. 😉

  7. Jason

    The extra weight in the butt end helps to discourage snatching at the top. The weight also helps the club to track on plane a lot better as a result. Like swinging a dumbell. You know instantly when you try to manipulate that sucker off plane.

  8. meateater

    About counterweighting. Doesn’t adding 100 grams of weight make the static weight of the club too high? That’s probably a 30% increase. Why not just go with an ultralight head?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, thats way too much for 99.9% of people.

      I am a minority.


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