Proof it’s not about a perfect swing

I have a student, let’s call him John. That makes sense, because his name is John. He came to me at the end of last year and basically said he wanted it to be easier.

He had time for a lesson a week and to hit balls one other time and had very little time to play between work, wife and family.

His experience with lessons was the party line of cliches. Hold the lag, inside out, etc.

He left the game for a while because it was hard and there was no direction and no plan for improvement. He found me on GolfWrx and basically asked for it to be easier to hit the ball solid. There was no desire for a perfect swing, just easier to hit the ball solid.

Below are the before and after. You will see a few things different. Better posture at address, giving more room for his arms to swing. There is not as much arm lift at the end of the back swing, and a severe case of early extension is almost gone. The right elbow is no longer stuck behind his right hip on the downswing and he is better connected at the top.

More importantly you are going to notice a clubface that is square to his pivot and significantly less hand manipulation at the bottom. What you won’t notice is the awesome ball striking display he has put on 2 of the last 3 weeks.

Yes the wrist hinge is a little off and it’s a little flat, but these are things that actually got better by the end of that lesson. He still has a tendency to tilt toward the target and stand up a bit in the backswing.

The point of today’s post is simple. John had no desire for a perfect swing and he had no illusions of a quick fix for as little time as he is able to devote to golf…and surprise, surprise, he got results because he had a plan and stuck with it.




  1. Calvin

    Great work Coach.

  2. Dayo

    Wow! Huge difference…

  3. Craig

    That’s amazing progress. What was his game like before and after? He looked like a guy that could shoot 85-92 pretty regularly in the before vid and in the after, he looks like a guy that gets into the high 70’s.

    As soon as I can get someone to video my swing per your online lesson instructions, I’m sending it to you. If you can help me, you’re truly a genius. 😛

  4. sssc (@sssc)

    hey, coach. good stuff. love his setup & swing with his iron. i would love to see his driver setup & swing!

  5. Jason

    Good work Monte. His swing looks great to the naked eye even though it’s not about that. Looks smooth and repeatable.

  6. ringerdaman


    I see change, and some of it is better. It just looks like a huge change has been made when his original swing looked no that far off.

    Was there a reason he wanted a big change instead of just fixing what he had?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Well, two changes were intended. Less arm lift and less early extension. Any other changes were ancillary.

      You know, when you make one change, other changes happen automatically. That’s why you address one thing at a time.


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