On my way to Jacksonville

I have an agenda…

Frank is on track again physically, I just need to help him build feel and confidence for the fall series.

I have some ideas on how to simplify things.

My swing is actually feeling decent. Hoping to throw a low number at Frank and shame him into playing better…lol.

Can’t beat playing TPC at Sawgrass for 3 days.

Was planing on making videos this week. That has been moved back to next week.

Any requests?




  1. woody

    No requests for a video–but how about that exercise picture? “…using a weight machine using my core and weight shift to make a downswing motion…”

    One thing to keep in mind is that strengthening a muscle, and using that strengthened muscle in a golf swing are two different things.

    EXAMPLE: Do you use your powerful hamstring muscles (back of your leg) in golf? Of course, because they’re used to help control movement of your body, hip and knee, help turn your leg in and out, and are involved with power activities that include a lot of propulsion, thrust and control.

    Primarily, hamstrings rotate the lower leg when the knee is bent (without conscious guidance). But, would would do an exercise like that in order to strengthen the hamstriing and make it more powerful and make your knee stronger? NO.

    EXAMPLE 2: Would simulating a golf move be a way to strengthen your six-pack abs? NO. Probably, you’d be working on your oblilques, which are good trunk rotators…but not fast, and not strong, and primarily used in the START of the downswing. Trunk rotation with resistance would probably work on the muscles in this diagram below–okay, but not the whole deal, and you wouldn’t want to use very much resistance:


    Don’t forget to do some crunch-type exercise for that 6-pack, which is very important:


  2. IPM

    Monte, I love the blog. I struggle with takeaway. I am incorporating a lot of your swing philosophy (tilt at address, shoulder turn, lateral shift, etc), but I never know how the club is supposed to travel as it moves away from the ball. At what point do you lift? You may already have a vid addressing this but I haven’t found it yet (there are hundereds).

  3. Colby

    make sure Frank takes you to Barbara Jeans for crab cakes.

  4. Bob Saunders

    I would like to see Plane and Release by Feel integrated with Bump Dump and Turn.
    They seem so different, and both good. Thanks,

  5. Mj

    how about taping the round of golf…no instruction other than what ever you guys talk about.

    call it Def Jam Playing Lessons With the Pros.

    I would pay money for this

  6. Avery

    In your students lessons you talked about him keeping the club square to the path on the takeway and getting it back square to the path early in the downswing. Can you talk more about how to do this?

  7. fishmatics

    Hi Monty
    I would greatly appreciate more attention to the 100 yards and in. The dreaded half swing, 3/4 swing.
    Thanks Andrew

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Only if you spell my name right…lol.

      JK-great idea

  8. jaybee

    An Out of the Box/In the Box Non-Ridiculous Essential Routine Proposal
    including the proper Monte GASP (on course)- a la Frank’s maybe.
    The proper backswing pivot including the proper hip turn and
    HOW to restrict the backswing (“arms stop when shoulder turn stops” but HOW for an overswinging a-x da liner?) and
    HOW to get more vertical in the backswing from a too horizontal current one.
    HOW to speed up the backswing/TA to impact swing (0.9 sec goal?) from a currently too slow one (1.1 sec) without losing rhythm and thereby gain more clubhead speed.
    What to do if your clubhead speed is too similar with the 5 iron and the Driver instead of being about 20% apart?
    Proper ball position for a right eye dominant putter vs. for a led one ?


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