I am frustrated for all of us.

I know I often come off like Howard Beale, but I am just beside myself sometimes when I hear what golfers are working on, talking about and concerning themselves with.

In the mid 90’s, I could play some golf. I was good under pressure and even though I had a bad temper and whined when I was playing bad, I was mentally tough as nails when I had to be.

All I needed was someone to explain a few basic principles about the golf swing and I would now be a 15 year Tour veteran. Some may scoff at that, but ask anyone who played more than 5 rounds of golf with me and they would all agree.

We need to make things more simple, not study every detail and break every point in the swing and our equipment down to the minutest fraction. Trust someone who was on the verge of a great career and made things too complicated by making the same mistakes I make fun of today.

I hear 8 handicaps talking about their shaft angle being off at P4. I hear 18 handicaps talking about plane shifts and increasing their arcs. I hear 12 handicaps talking about frequency matched shafts and laser shaved 10.2 degree loft drivers (I stole this one). I hear 25 handicaps talking about needing forged irons to work the ball better.





  1. bobinpa

    Nice rant!

    Monte, its obvious you have a passion for the game and equal passion for helping others enjoy it to its fullest. However, please don’t become disheartened over what you read. There are millions of golfers searching for an answer. The ones who discover you are the fortunate ones.


  2. radioman


    I second the motion. Started hitting golf balls again
    at the age of 62. I actually had more success the
    first few months than I have now.( I’m 67 now) I stopped
    going to the golf course a year ago because I’d
    be damned if I was going to stand over a golf ball
    and wonder if I would ever see it again. I vowed
    I would not go back until I could hit respectable
    golf shots more often than not.
    I have found that the “lag” crapolla and a penchant
    for taking the club too far inside are my 2 big faults.
    I find it comforting that a high level player, such as
    yourself, has backed me up with your critique of
    the lag BS.


  3. Colby

    Although I have a feeling I know what your answer will be, I’d like to read your analysis of Dustin Johnson’s extremely bowed left wrist. The risk/reward of it. It seems that the golf announcers and slo-mo camera operators think it’s the coolest thing since Tiger’s 3 wood “stinger”.

    Disclaimer, I’m a Stricker guy…I’ve tried to hit the ball hard, now I just want to hit it straight.

    Just thought a well-practiced swing quirk that is celebrated by Golf Channel Announcers would be something to get your heartrate up this morning.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Colby. Dustin Johnson does so many funky things in his golf swing to compensate for that bowed left wrist…and he is a tremendous athlete on top of it. Anyone who tries to copy what he does will get the shanks or snap hooks.

  4. S.

    “All I needed was someone to explain a few basic principles about the golf swing.” By default, this is your job.

    It went off the track quite early, perhaps with Harry Vardon’s book. However, Vardon somewhat redeemed himself by telling beginners to swing a club for several months without a ball, before hitting one.

    Bobby Jones turned it into a train wreck by saying things like, “clear your left hip.” Jones did have some good things to say too, but they were neglected. Specific body parts, right side & left side, upper & lower…these things got people away from using their whole body.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I wish I had me now telling me what to do 15 years ago.

  5. Paul

    So much for the mellow SoCal lifestyle. Laser shaved drivers??? This is the first I’ve heard of this. Could you send me some more information?

    Seriously, people by human nature are tinkerers no matter their handicap. Look at Padraig Harrington. The guy wins three majors and tears his swing apart because there’s some little thing going on at impact that itsn’t quite right.

    There is one thing I’ve been thinking of doing and that is experimenting with lead tape. What is your opinion and how do you go about applying it to the club.

    Chill, bro.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Tinkering is fine. What is going on in golf right now is not good for any of us. 🙂

      I think applying lead tape is fine. As long as not of it is on the bottom of anything but a driver.

  6. steve lyons

    Playing good golf and studying internet golf swing theory are two different hobbies. Related, sure, but you have to understand the differences.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Steve. Great point and I understand that, but many people do not.

  7. Sensei

    “Monte: I wish I had me now telling me what to do 15 years ago.”
    What prevented you of telling yourself what to do 15 years ago? Unconditional belief in classic swingtheories? Hoping for fixes to get you on tour? Or a false notion of what your body and mind should do in order to win some money?
    It would be very interesting if you would elaborate on that open heartedly.
    I see so many aspiring players here in Europe who are tinkering their swings to death when they seek a Playing Pro carreer.
    May the forces be with you.

  8. ric

    I find that it is not so much lag as it is forward shaft lean, the degree of which is dependant on the golfers personal atheticism but nobody ever hit a solid shot with shaft leaning backwards. I found many years ago by looking stills of tour players that impact was very similiar and everything else was very subjective so I have spent the better part of 3 decades finding out how to get to that impact position. for me as long as my core is moving ahead of arms I can pretty much make solid contact. If I could figure out how to ramp up the power I would be set!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      well ric, you have exactly the right idea on what you need to be doing. Excellent way of putting it.

  9. golpher

    This is one of the many reasons I’ve become a regular reader of this blog. Who else, except for Monte, is going to post a clip of a movie made from a Paddy Chayefsky book. Now, if only you could work some of William Hurt’s body contorsions from “Altered States,” another Chayefsky work, into a lesson, that would be something special.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I will do my best. I also liked Altered States. Scared the pants off me when I was a boy. Especially when he came of of the chamber looking like a small caveman.


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