Steve Stricker is now #2 in the world (can you feel the rant coming)…

…at 43 years old. His swing is compact and efficient. He is not a short hitter, yet at 43 he is one of the finest ball strikers on Tour. It is my opinion that guys like Sergio, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and Young Ricky Fowler will not be able to create the obscene angles in their swings into their 40’s and keep their bodies healthy…never mind being #2 in the world. Whereas a guy like JB Holmes will be able to bomb drives from his patio at the rest home his grandchildren put him in.

I apologize beforehand if you are offended, but people who fault Stricker’s swing for having no lag…are ignorant fools who have bought into this whole concept of forcing the action in a golf swing.

His swing has plenty of lag, he just doesn’t artificially create lag with some hand or body twisting manipulation.

I am not getting into this whole lag debate again, but I used this point to illustrate the farce that is modern golf instruction.

You know I don’t advocate copy the swings of any golfer, especially one freak of nature action they have that supposed creates longer drives.

A HA!!! Hitting longer drives has become the sole purpose of modern golf instruction. Lag, X-factor, coil, completing the backswing, leading with the lower body to create more lag, float loading, snap releasing, widening the arc…etc, etc., etc.

The merits of all of these cliches and how they create more speed and longer drives has been fed to us for many years now.

Where in any of these theories is straighter drives, better distance control, more accurate wedge play, etc? How about just a longer driving average and not just the fluke bomb that wow’s all of our friends, while we are hitting the rest in the trees, missing greens with wedges and shooting 5-10 shots over our handicaps?

The answer is it is all our own faults. It is not the fault of the golf media as I have been ranting. It is all our faults because that is what we asked for.

“How can I get some more distance?”

The answer is none of these active, intrusive, spine twisting, mind bending, forced actions will give you any sort of consistent long driving ability or scoring ability. We have mistaken the validity of these fools gold concepts because some of the big names in golf over coming the use of these fads with awesome natural skill and 8 hours a day of practice.

If you work on a fundamental that makes you a more consistent and accurate wedge player…odds are that will also create a better shot pattern of drives, as well. Maybe not that one awe inspiring 300+ yard B.B, but a nice solid collection of drives in play that are within your level of ability.

That is what all of these monstrosities of technobabble create. An occasional drive that achieves a distance that is beyond our abilities…but this same action creates a resume of shots and scores well below our abilities.

(As the soapbox breaks under the weight of my self-righteous rant)

Maybe I should have been a televangelist.




  1. banchiline

    Great Words Monte . The masses can’t handle the truth though . I’m a golf course Supt . (also avid player) & have noticed even at my club “suddenly” the “best” players are the longest drivers . LOL……….

    Kool-aid sells quite well

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Nice post. Like I said, improving your golf swing to hit better shots will make you a longer driver. Trying to make yourself a longer driver will not make you hit better shots.

  2. Mark

    Monte, you can always fall back on Webevangilist if the internet teaching doesn’t pan out. 🙂

    I think you are spot on, but I also don’t think it will ever change. People WANT to hit it farther, and I think they will always want that. I hit it ok, but I know I sure want to hit it farther as well. It’s a hard adjustment to make to ‘be ok’ with how far you hit it, especially if some of your buddies hit it farther and generally score better than you do.

  3. Sean

    I’t’s amazing the references on other forums about Stricker being a short hitter,boring,no lag.This guys comeback has been awesome to watch,great words Monte.


  4. torpet

    Liked that!!

  5. efnef

    Great common sense from a former Long Drive Champion. One of my favorites on Tour is Brian Gay. Averages just under 270 yds. on his drives but he is awsome with his wedges and his putter, and drives it straight. 3 wins in the last two years. Imagine that. And he has been working for the last 3 years with a Golfing Machine instructor who is actually NOT obsessed with lag.

  6. seveonsunday


  7. Jim Sims

    What do you think of the swing taught by Don Trahan? He advocates 3/4 backswing and less shoulder turn. He says that his swing will relieve back pain caused by 90 degree shoulder turn.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t know anything about Trahan’s method, but I like the idea of a shorter backswing.

  8. Jarrod Allison

    Monte, I think you can say everything you’ve said without hesitancy or apoligising, because you’re being honest and speaking from experience. I for one really enjoy you not pulling any punches with your tips whether I agree with you on everything or not.. as it turns out I agree with you on almost everything lol.

    Steve Stricker seems like a stand up bloke and it was great to see him win.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thank you Jarrod. I just don’t want any of the readers to think I am directing anything at them.

  9. Eric

    I am not on the stricker bandwagon.. his swing looks completely anemic to me. he’s not a short hitter compared with most people but he’s not long either, especially compared to other pros. it just looks like he has no pop.

  10. meateater

    Monte, I get what you, a long drive champ, are saying, but it is a little like Bill Gates telling people money won’t make you happy. Maybe not, but I’d sure like to give it a try.

    I see a lot of guys who are decent players but who can only get their drive out there 230 or so. Is it so awful for them to want to be able to tee it up from the tips once in a while? All things being equal, longer is better. Of course, I know what you’re sayng is trying to get longer by using artificial moves will inevitably lead to all things not being equal, ie you’ll wreck the part of your game that was decent.

    I love to watch Stricker. He should be the role model of every club player. He is the personification of “long enough.” He is never in a position that almost any golfer can’t replicate. Watching him work his way around the course is an education. Plus, the guy can just lights out putt.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I will take it one step farther. It is my opinion that if you work on things that will make you a better golfer, you will get longer…and more consistently long. Like I have been saying. Would you rather have one 280 yard drive out of ten and the rest scattered distances and places…or have six to eight 265 yard drives in play?

      • meateater

        No question, you’re right. And that gets right back to Stricker. He’s not doing anything unusual to get length. He’s not long by Tour standards, but he’s long enough and deadly consistent.


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