Horror Stories

Poker players like to share stories about bad beats (I just got pocket queens the other day, flopped a full house, hit quad queens on the turn and someone hit quad aces on the river), golfers like to share horror stories about great shots they hit that got hosed.

Here is mine and I invite you all to share and we can all share our pain together.

I was doing well at Q-school one year. On the 15th hole the last day I was right on the cut line and I hit the flag with an 8-iron shot. It careened directly back at me into a lake short of the green. It was a yellow staked hazard, so I had to hit my next shot from 100 yards away. Hit it on the green, missed a 15 foot putt and made double bogey. I parred the last three holes to miss by two.

Feel free to share stories about poker or how the prom queen ditched you at the after party for a guy with “I hate America” tattooed on his forehead.

It’s time to heal…This video didn’t get watched enough the first time I posted it and it really is helpful in understanding how to improve by working on one thing at a time. For the newer readers.




  1. SteelyDan

    Pretty much every shot involving slopes means pure horror for me, especially when I stand above the ball. Thank god most courses around here a flat.

  2. Michael

    Club championship after day 1, 6 shot lead.

    Thru 10, 5 shot lead. No big deal. Hole 11 is a par 5 with water all up the right side. Drive in fairway, 265 to the pin. No thanks, lay up to 100 yards for a nice SW. Didn’t catch it all, so I have 115 left. Sweet, GW, put it on the green and see if I can make birdie. Shank into the water. Go to drop zone (hitting 5 now) and shank it again. And then again. Finally get onto the green and two putt for an 11.

    Hole 12’s a par 4 that was playing up and downwind with water from the 150 and in. Left myself 130 yards from a flat lie. Alright no big deal, let’s just make a smooth swing and see if I can catch this guy who’s just scrapping it around shank. What. the. !@#$ is going on. To sum that hole up, made a 13 after a few more shanks into said water.

    Still not done! Hole 13 is a dog leg left par 4 with water all up the left. Snapped 3 wood off the tee into the hazard. Played a provisional, hit that in the water too. 300 out (on a 360 yard hole) so I layed up for my 3rd to 150. Then pull hook an iron into the hazard, drop, do it again. Made another 11. I went +22 in 3 holes after being +4 thru 10.

    Whoever said swing inside out on your downswing is going to get knived in an alley. I was coming so under plane since I was freaking out that I was swinging outside to in and causing the shanks and snappers that I couldn’t even make contact anymore.

  3. Christian

    Last season I was having the round of my life – even par after 5 (we were playing 9). I killed my drive on 6 down the middle and had visions of breaking 40 for the first time. Fatted the wedge and then pummeled the pitch over the green. Chipped on and two putted for a double. OK. I can get it going again. I’ll just play a big cut on the hard dogleg right 7th hole and get close. WTF? A cut for an 18HCP having a good round? I got up and sliced it way the hell into the woods and ended up with another double. I finished par, par on the last 2 for a 40. Still the best 9 hole score of my life, but I definitely learned a lesson there about playing within my ability and staying focused after having a bad hole…

  4. Dion

    If your ball hadn’t hit the pin, you had secured your card and went on to be a Tour regular, then this blog wouldn’t exist. Then, I wouldn’t have learned so much and laughed so much since I found it a few days ago. Suppose that’s the Butterfly Effect right there.

  5. Dion

    You know I have been stuck in your site for days now, only escaping for a round today. I don’t know what’s happening in the real world. I said I will leave the site when I find something I disagree with so, I’m still here. I really think your approach to instruction is just what’s needed and is explaining to me why I have been careering down the wrong road too long. I thank you for that and believe that the best advertising of all – word of mouth – will change your life. BTW, the pen pictures you have posted about recognisable golf types are truly international. You should consider expanding them a little, get drawings to illustrate them and voila, coffee table book or framed prints. Every golf club would be forced to hang them in the locker rooms. Every golfer would recognise these characters in their own club or society, except for the offenders themselves.

  6. momentum

    Hi Monte, what about starting from the end? I mean, to start changes with building the correct impact zone. And then doing short swings, only little chip shots.
    Regards from Frankfurt, Stefan


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