How to Actually Fix OTT

For the next few weeks I am going to be posting how to cure this affliction, that results from over doing leading with the lower body, but first…

Last week I left you guys with a question. What does every OTT swinger do? While some of the answers were correct from a root cause standpoint, none of them, but one, was a nearly universal one.

I like using the term “nearly universal” even though when I asked the question I used “every.”

The answer is the hands work away from the body and that’s why drop the right shoulder and swing to right field provide a fix…but ends up in the opposite of OTT, stuck.

Beginners and hacks inherently know how to rotate their shoulders, but are ruined because they are told to fix OTT the wrong way.

To fix OTT, you establish secondary tilt at some point and maintain it…then fix the hand path going back and in transition. Up, back and in. Not in, up and out.

I digress, fixes for 68-B coming…and don’t feel bad. The current #1 has it some and his has gotten better since he started dominating, but that’s probably a coincidence. 😀




  1. Greg

    If you didn’t tell me that was McIlroy I’d think he wasn’t very good. Hard to imagine hitting a good shot with where that right elbow is.

  2. SA790

    Loving these blogs, it feels as if you’re writing them directly for me… I know I cured (or at least hit great shots when I use this) it by delaying the hips and changing my arm swing to up-around in the backswing then DOWN!! to start the downswing

  3. Will

    Looking forward to the fixes. Been working on getting my right shoulder out while keeping the primary and secondary tilt stable. Seems like a two step process. If you hold the lag and swing to right field, there’s almost no way you can get your right shoulder out. In order to get my right shoulder out in front of me and not dropping behind, I need to get the arms and hands moving with that shoulder and not lagging behind. Basically dump and turn.

  4. Mark

    Question, if we establish a tilt at address do we still need to actively cause secondary tilt in transition (little shift left-hold head and sternum back)? Or just one or the other?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Don’t worry about it. Establish some, shift and make sure your shoudler turn at the proper angle.

  5. John

    Hey Monte, I’m not grasping the proper hand path that you have in the next to last paragraph. The OTT fix you say is “Up, Back and In”. The “in” is what I’m not sure of. “In” relative to what?


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