A practice ball

A friend and blog reader has invented a practice ball. I have hit it and it is great. Feels almost like a real ball and only goes 1/4 of the distance.

Please go to this site and vote for him.





  1. Brett

    Thank you, Monte. Go me. 🙂

  2. Jake G

    Looks like a cool idea. Voted

    • Brett

      Thank you.

      • Jake G

        Your welcome Brett. Hope it works out for you

  3. SA790

    These vs. Birdie balls?

    • Brett

      I have birdie balls. They are pretty neat. I have just about every practice ball out there. My favorite (other than my ball) is the Almost Golf ball. But, they are too light and somewhat unpredictable. My ball is much better, in my opinion.

      • Brett

        I used to stuff foam balls inside birdie balls and hit them with my driver off a rubber tee. 🙂

        My ball is great for a driver. That’s really why I invented it. But, it works great with all clubs.

        • Chris

          I have birdie balls as well and they are the best of what is available now. The problem is when I chip the birdie ball in my basement, there is no feeling.

          If these were in neon yellow or bright white that would be perfect for hitting in a field or backyard.

          This sounds like it could be a hit. When do you forsee a test run being sold?

          • Chris

            **** I meant I have birdie balls and almost golf balls.

            The almost golf balls are the best of what is around currently

          • Brett

            To be honest, this was on the back burner until the Quirky thing came along. My Push Fight board game is about to come out in a big way, and I figured it would be awhile before I could manufacture and sell these. But, I couldn’t resist Quirky after watching the story about them on the NBC Nightly News. So, front burner it is, and I have no idea what will happen and when.

  4. Brett

    Well, the voting is over, and thank you to those who voted. I wound up with 101 positive votes and 8 negative. Then, I received this email from Quirky:

    “Now what? Over the next 14 days, your idea will be reviewed internally by Quirky staff who will examine the technological feasibility, market potential, and competitive landscape for your concept. If your idea has that special “it factor”, we’ll bring you through to the next round of evaluation: Expert Review.

    Expert Review is a more intensive dive into your idea where we discuss whether or not your idea will be presented at our live Eval, broadcasted from http://www.quirky.com/live Thursdays at 7pm EST.

    But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything quite yet! For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the post-invention tingles. We will contact you within 14 days letting you know if your idea will be moving forward.

    Stay tuned,
    Your friends at Quirky”

  5. Jordan

    Monte, Do you know if Brett’s idea went any further with Quirky?


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