Golf is funny




  1. calvin

    That’s so true in golf, far and beyond any other sport. Many hacks will never take pro lessons but we love the game and want our friends to do well. There’s one in my foursome who I had rather do well than myself. That’s when the coaching bug comes out. He has a great chipping and pitching swing but his full swing goes berserk with an extreme over the top spin out. Loses tons of strokes from tee to scoring area and then finishes well but too late. I am compelled to try and help but I really can’t.

    So that’s a reason but it’s not an excuse.

  2. woody

    The function of an expert is NOT to be more correct than a layman. It’s to be wrong for more sophisticated reasons.

    Where else but in golf would you find the most crackpot-sounding idea…the most poorly explained theory…being closest to the truth?

    • calvin

      Nice, Woody. And that’s a wrap.

  3. northgolf

    Some of the advice I see on other forums just makes my skin crawl.

    • woody

      But, it’s not totally useless. There’s one website I go to occasionally for humor, to see how screwed-up things can get. Someone blogged that Justin Rose made a favorable reference to their pet idea.

      So, that alerted me not to pick Justin Rose anymore in Fantasy Golf. His game will likely deteriorate, like McIlroy’s.

  4. HoldTheLag

    I’m the best.


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