One plane golf swing

People who try and force a one plane and/or CP swing pattern on themselves, get the shanks with irons and snap hooks with driver.

Maybe I am wrong, but 9 of the top 10 players of all time would be considered two planers. Maybe 99 of the top 100…lol.

I also can’t think of many greats with CP…other than Hogan.

So why is one plane and CP the craze?

I am going to call the one plane/CP swing, Moby Dick.




  1. Mike Divot

    Here’s why:

    Hogan was born in a crossfire hurricane.

    He howled at his ma in the driving rain.

    He shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

    He took out two front doors, one front window, 12 feet of counter, plus damages to the stock, plus one city vehicle totaled, not to mention three hostages in the hospital, all of whom will probably sue the city.

    He got two reams of paper, and a gallon of scalding black coffee, and at the end of two days he had a manuscript called “Five Lessons”.

    His battle plan for Austerlitz was a tactical masterpiece of the same stature of Gaugamela and Cannae.

    He brought hope and comfort to millions and by his example he moved others to help the poor and suffering.

    What a guy!

    • woody

      “He got two reams of paper, and a gallon of scalding black coffee, and at the end of two days he had a manuscript called “Five Lessons.”

      –It might make a good poem, but it has the wrong title.

      “Five Lessons” came about as the settlement from a lawsuit against Time, Inc. because they used Hogan material from a Life interview in Sports Illustrated…without paying Hogan.

      The settlement was for Hogan to get money by collaborating on “Five Lessons.” However, like any good player, Hogan could not explain what he did. (And, you personally could not explain how you do just about any physical activity, such as run.)

      The SI editors thought they could out-Hogan Hogan by applying stop-action photography and “science.” Apparently, much of the book was reverse-engineered from photos and film. I’m sure Hogan tried his best to keep them honest.

      By my count, there are 27 good thoughts in the book, and 18 bad. Where they actually took something from what Hogan actually said, it is brilliant.

      Most of the book is hips & shoulders. Hogan gave lessons…did he actually teach that way? I dunno. But hips & shoulders are “outside” bones, and Hogan has a page all his own in the book, talking about “inside” muscles. How did that page get there?

      HOGAN: “There’s nothing in it about the inside muscles.”

      SI EDITOR: “Boss, Hogan won’t sign-off on the book. He keeps talking about inside muscles.”

      SI BOSS: “So, just make up a page explaining what he says, and stick it in the book somewhere.”

      They did, and it’s on Page 58: “Large anatomical drawing and the smaller diagram sketch emphasize important inside muscles the golfer should use.”

      (Not that the illustration is much help in explaining what Hogan meant. He didn’t know himself.)

  2. gothamgarage

    Golfers are consumed with the IDEA of Hogan. His dig it out of the dirt, wreck and redemption story play to our movie fantasy sympathies. I believe it’s true that Byron Nelson kicked his tail from the caddie yard until retirement. But Byron was excellent from the start of his fame until he quit – Hogan “learned” to be great which in some way “suggests” you might be able to learn how to be great too.

    Nelson retired to live a life on his ranch away from golf, Hogan created his own equipment company. All of this makes the golf world pay attention to what’s in front of them and spoon fed by the magazines. Most would probably be better off to swing like Nelson than Hogan. But we’d all be better off listening to Monte than Leadbetter – we have to dig around and find Monte’s own forum here whereas GD et al promote Lead and the other while collaborating on books they can mass market.

  3. calvin

    What is CP?

    • woody

      “fece doesn’t rotate”…you probably meant “late” and “face”…but it does have the smell of feces.

      Freudian slip, no doubt.

      Release from the top. One of the all-time great Monte-isms. And, Nicklaus-isms.

      • woody

        Ignore this. Monte corrected it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s a kind of release where the handle goes way left and the face doesn’t rotate in relation to body.

  4. Robert Evans

    When I tried the one plane swing I got the shanks with the irons and snap hooks with the driver, just like Monte said. So true.

  5. greg

    I honestly thought you have been describing a one plane swing in all your videos. Am I wrong? Just watched the “Plane and release by feel” vid again and it screams “One Plane” to me… I’m confused.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Plane and release by feel would be considered more of a two plane swing and the arms are more independent.

      Don’t worry about being confused. The less you know about this, the better.

  6. JD

    Are some people just more suited to a one plane swing? I’ve heard a few baseball players who felt more natural swinging around their body rather than up and down.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Just because it’s around doesn’t make it a one plane…but yes, some people are more suited to it.

      I am talking about the idea of forcing it on everyone because, “it’s better.”

      • JD

        OK, I get that. I’ve seen that “forcing” on the forums. No one way is the perfect way for everyone. What’s the difference between around and “one plane”? I guess I misunderstand the terms.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          You can still be around on a two plane. It’s about where the left arm is and how it works.

  7. blacksox

    All I can add is…….. if you were 5 feet tall at impact and had a 37 inch five iron you would need one plane to keep the ball from snapping off the golf course or hitting a foot behind the ball. Modern players are much taller than Hogan. If your wrist to the floor is over 36 inches and you are not playing 3 inches over standard………I agree with Monte………. you will end up with the shanks, an injury. or better yet…..a great looking move on video but it dosen’t work! Get fit, figure out your natural range of motion with those clubs, and have a pro build a set of fundamentals and skills into your game. And AGREED, cut loose of the maniacal quest of redemption!


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