Dealing with fools

Yesterday’s post was about how funny golf is and how people offer and receive advice with golf.

Here is the kind of thing I have to deal with on a regular basis. People who “believe” they know what’s important in a golf swing, condescending me. It happens on the range during lessons.

While I am giving a lesson, people will actually throw a comment from the peanut gallery.

Look at the response I got from a particular moron on Golfwrx. Yes, moron.

Now it’s one thing to have a disagreement over theory or course of action, that’s part of rational debate.

It’s something else for a person coming from a place of total ignorance and being snide over something basic. Now to the capper. The poster who was snide to me in the thread linked below, once told someone to hold the lag better when that person had posted a picture of the shaft bending the wrong way due to the rolling shutter affect.





  1. calvin

    Too sensitive. You know what they say about opinions.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not sensitive. Annoyed. Maybe same thing…lol.

      I expect and actually encourage people to disagree with me. I learn from it.

      I just get irritated when some one tries to cure a cough by saying to stop breathing.

  2. Schnee

    But Monte, you’ve got to hold the lag… That’s how everyone on GolfWRX hits it 400+. Clearly you don’t know how the golf swing works… 😉

  3. IPM

    “Hold the lag” has to be the worst piece of golf advice I’ve ever received. It still creeps into my swing every once in a while. Then I hear Monte in my head saying “Release from the top.” And I’m back on track.

  4. Eddie

    To be honest, I was a sucker who used to believe in artificially holding the lag too. I had an instructor once tell me to do it. I couldn’t hit anything for a month after that lesson. I know I still have loads of issues with my swing, but after working with you for about a year with online lessons, my “lag” looks so much better and I am hitting the ball much further. Even my friends have noticed that I have picked up 10-20 yards. Thanks for setting me on the right path Monte! And you are correct, that guy on WRX is a fool.

  5. HoldTheLag

    I can only shake my head.

  6. woody

    “offer and receive advice”

    There was a lot of missing information…like how far he hit it, what the ball flight was like, and what his usual misses were…for starters. Maybe if he had included it, all of the “helpers” would be disqualified because he was better than them.

    Some day, a Tour pro is going to post on WRX, wearing floppy hat and a fake mustache, asking for advice, and after he gets flooded with it, he’s going to say, “Thanks guys, I was only T18 last week.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I already did it woody. I posted Frank’s swing right after he finished 13th at the Valero Texas Open.

      Some people got it, but most said between 5 and 15 handicap.

      • Joe

        I remember that. I was one of the ones that thought he was closer to a 15 than a 5. Brilliant.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          Don’t feel bad, he was swinging like a 15 at the time.

  7. meateater

    Next time someone is interfering with a lesson by mouthng off, just turn to them and say “$1000 ante, three balls each, long ball wins, put up or shutup.”

  8. Tom McNamara

    People are stupid…plain and simple. I almost ended up in a fight during my 11 year olds basketball game today because a dad was yelling, cussing and jumping up and down because the refs were bad in his opinion. I told him to settle down and relax, they are only kids. That didnt work so well! People need to manufacture drama and hear themselves as the expert regardless of experience.
    As far as golfwrx goes, I look to see if you responded to a post before I decide to read anything further. Biggest thing is to not get discourage and let dumbasses win. Keep doing what you do and let natural selection take care of the rest.

    • Cyd

      I agree with Tom, “People are stupid”, present company excluded of course.

      I worked with an instructor who used to post at GolfWRX and who for various reasons no longer posts there. I used to post regularly at a site where it seems everyone is a pro golfer and the whole lot of them have all the answers as to how to swing a club.

      My old instructor told me to take the advice that was given on sites like golfwrx with a grain of salt as 99% of those posting are idiots and are only legends in their own minds. Again present company excluded. If you know who is giving the advice and if you know the credentials of the person posting the advice, then and only then should you give real consideration to the advice being offered.

      • Cyd

        I would like to add that Monte’s advice has proven to be spot on and has helped me immensely.

  9. Daveydo

    Glad I found you Monty. Your stuff works

  10. Chris

    I have some swing videos and want help, but will not post them on golfwrx for this exact reason. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube Monte and I like your approach.


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