Free lessons and Phoenix outing

The previous person who was going to get the free lessons moved away. I still need a beginner or a junior to come take 3 free lessons in November.

I can’t use any of the juniors I have now as they are too skilled.

I need a novice.

Also, there are two spots left in the Phoenix outing. Email me if you are interested.




  1. scott feldman

    Any chance of you being in Phoenix the end of the week, as in Thursday of Super Bowl week?

  2. Bob Miller

    Monte, I’m a Craig Stadler look alike; have been asked for autographs. Really interested in what you had to say on the OTT swings of large / obese men. I really want to learn how to get my lower body power incorporated into my golf swing. Any thoughts? Sincerely, Bob
    PS: Will try the “zipper turn” today in an indoor golf lesson. Thanks. Bob

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s not a classic OTT swing, but yes, works very well for the more rounded gents.

      • Bob Miller

        Monte, Thanks for you timely response. Paul Meunier, Vermont PGA Professional says,”hi”.
        Paul has me initiating my one plane swing with a downward shoulder move that gets my hips turning. Feeling hopeful. Again, thanks. Sincerely, Bob Miller / nickname: Rocky


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