You need to learn a left arm parallel to the ground swing

How far you hit it isn’t the issue.

I use 50 yards because I want a short swing. You’d be amazed how many 120 yard blasts I get because people just have no idea what a P3 backswing is.

Left arm parallel to the ground. Everyone takes a full swing.

The point is to learn how to have body control, stop the backsiwng short and hit it solid in rhythm.

My “Wedges” video talks about this in detail, but I see few golfers capable of doing this first try.

It takes time and effort on every swing…and guess what? You get a better golf swing and better from 50 yards.




  1. Jake G

    Big weakness in my game. Played in a best ball scramble today and almost every par four we had less than 100 yard approach and I think we only birdied a couple of them. Need to do a lot more work from this yardage

  2. neil

    Was doing this in the backyard tonight. I added one swing thought… knuckles face target like a punch with my right hand in follow through/release. Similar to “rhythm, handset and release drill” video. This was an amazing feeling. Hitting it solid with full extension of arms and what seemed like no effort or tension. I then hit a couple full swings adding Full hip turn and balanced finish. I really can’t explain how good this feels. No compensations or trying to re route with hands or arms. Very accurate and solid hits that instantly build confidence.

    Thx Monte! Like always, makes sense and works very well.

  3. Michael C.

    “Body control” “Hit it solid in rhythm”

    Smooth acceleration is the key. Too often you’ll see a backswing that is too long and deceleration into the ball or fear that you’ll leave it short with a short backswing and gouge at the ball.

    The short game and wedges videos are well worth the money. If you’ve always been a ‘leading edge’ person with short pitches, I suggest that you learn to use the bounce like Monte’s videos demonstrate. It’ll teach you to hit soft pitches with a bigger margin for error.

  4. Peter R.

    Almost essential for me to watch myself on video, I’m just amazed at how short I think I’m swinging on these shots and how far I really go back.

  5. Calvin

    I’m 73 with a bad back. I think I can use this as my regular swing from the senior tees with “how the arms work together” and enjoy my golf for a long time. Thanks.

  6. Paul Kraus

    Worked on this last week. Hit about 200 balls from wedge to 6 iron. The post production graphics realy helped me understand the right shoulder out which I had really struggled to grasp.

    Was really pleased with it and took it to the course on Sunday and hit the ball so well. Used clubs I normally wouldn’t and hit 2 beautifull 5 irons into the green.

    Used the same principle with the woods but going to a 3/4 swing and outdrove my partners off the tee with a 3 wood.

    You can really feel the body control with everything feeling connected.

    Two fantastic videos Monte – massive thanks.

  7. James

    What Monte is describing I call this my 9 o’clock swing. I have the distance dialed in from a LW through an 8 iron using this swing. Saves strokes.

  8. Michael C.

    “Lead arm parallel to the ground. Everyone takes a full swing”

    Holy crap. I’m such an idiot sometimes. The more I learn about the golf swing, the less I know. Instead of a long story let me say – What a person thinks they’re doing in his/her swing and what they are really doing can be night and day. Wedges video + 2 range sessions + 36 holes = better golf swing.

    I started, not trying to hit 50 yard pitching wedges, but hitting PW’s with my lead arm parallel. I was nutting them – Light-bulb – that’s when your statement that I highlighted in quotes hit me. I was actually making a full swing.

    My apologies on defending arm over run. My driver could still be a little long going back but, I feel better connected with my full, but not ‘over’full swing


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