Fix #3 for 68-B

Right shoulder out.

When the right shoulder works down too much, the lower body rotates and leaves the arms behind. When the right shoulder moves out, forward, around the spine or any other feel that gets the arms moving target ward earlier.

This is why I prefer a more vertical backswing shoulder turn and a flatter downswing shoulder turn…as opposed to flat going back and vertical coming down.




  1. Peter R.

    Thanks for this. Immediately better feel, impact and more consistent result. My instructor has been working on me to get a more vertical backswing, that’s bringing my right shoulder more vertical. Letting the right shoulder move out a bit seems to have created room to get down without going over the top. Zepp Golf sensor confirms immediately better on-plane performance for hands and club.

    Great advice, simply stated. Thanks again.

  2. Michael C.

    I’ve been working on this. Lead shoulder down on BS and trail shoulder out towards the
    target line on DS. I, also, try to keep my head more centered. Before I had to concentrate
    on keeping my head behind the ball but with my shoulders moving more horizontal – or
    what feels more horizontal – my arms shallow on their own and I’m not forcing my self to
    stay behind the ball like before. It’s just happening.

    Another benefit – it has shortened my BS some and I don’t suffer from as much arm overrun.
    I still have some with the driver but not as much as before. My driver has a much better ball
    flight now. I’ve never met you or officially taken a lesson but by following this blog and your
    other outlets, I feel like you are my instructor. LOL. Thank you, sir.

  3. Ted

    My miss is always toe contact, and right shoulder out definetly gets me hitting it more solid consistently. But if anything I feel like my weight is more out to my right foot toe rather than back towards middle of it.


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