Eye line

I am aware of the importance of eye line, but have not stressed it enough…or at all because I took it for granted.

I will no longer do that for myself or any students. We all worry about feet, hips, shoulders and club face lining up and we worry about our eyes being over the ball with the putter, but no one ever says anything about eye line on the setup and this has to stop.

If your eye line is incorrect, you will either make a path mistake down your incorrect eye line, and/or a manipulate across your eye line back to the target on the downswing.

It’s not hard to check it. Just setup and put a shaft across the bridge of your nose and see if your eye line matches your intended starting line/target line.

If you have a sore neck after hitting balls or playing golf, you have likely tilted your head and skewed where you are looking.

It’s this simple. You want your head and eyes to align to your spine as if you were standing up straight and looking ahead.

Many of you will be amazed at how far off you are and how funky it is going to feel when you get a friend to align your head and eyes properly…then you will be dumbfounded at how wonderful it makes you feel at impact and how much more smoothly your swing works.





  1. The Original Brian

    What happens when guys/girls tilt their head to the right before impact ie. Lorena, Rickie etc.?

  2. Mike Z

    If you have some amount of spine tilt at address, won’t that throw your eye line to the right a little bit? Or is it to minor to really matter?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It does and you need to adjust your head to match your spine…and that will align it properly.

      • The Original Brian

        does this contribute to an inside-out path because the eye line will be slightly right of target?

      • 4theloveofthegame

        That is a great idea/concept but it seems very unnatural/unhealthy to do and adjust for due to the natural spine tilt at address. Maybe the JN head tilt was also one of the reasons for his fade- and for his hip replacement?
        Also, what about left/right eye dominance?
        Again, I think you are onto something here but it needs a bit more research and/or guinea pigs, wonder how Frank got that idea, a Tour secret?
        In that context- (how) do you/they adjust that and the setup/posture for scoliosis (e.g. Justin Rose/Nick Bradley), shorter legs, arms etc.???
        Just food4thought, not meant to be swingcrack…

  3. Calvin

    You can tilt your head and still be in a common plane with your eyeline and the target line. Turning your head (swiveling it) will take your eyeline out of plane. It would be interesting to check Duval, Sorenstam, Nicklaus and others to see if their head tilting habits took their eyelines off plane. Jack tilted his chin back at address.

    • Calvin
  4. Jason

    A little OT here but I thought I’d share my Facebook status here.

    I would just like to say a big Thank You to the 2 best golf teachers in the world, Monte Scheinbum and Shawn Clement. I had a major breakthrough round today with a PB of 83. For someone that shoots anywhere between 90 and 100 this a huge for me. Every hole seemed par-able and I had 7 pars and putted for par just about every other. Thank You!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      What a coincidence. That is Shawn Clement’s personal best too. 😀

      Kidding aside, really well done. Happy to be part of your success.

  5. Marshall

    Are your thoughts about the golf swing closer to Jacobs or Ballard?

      • theMIKE

        But as far it concerns John Jacobs, there are plenty of nuggets in there if you know how and when to apply them, same goes with Hardys new book, its absolutely ball flight improvement oriented and 0 in funky lines and positions.

  6. Dave


    What about Hogan and Nicklaus, both of whom swiveled their heads to the right at address? Their eye lines were straight but they looked at the ball more with their left.

  7. theMIKE

    not Monte, but i am pretty right eye dominant, which causes me to tend to stare with the right eye on the ball, and as monte reminded me thankfully, sucks. because the eye line is off. with this swivel i make sure that this is not going to happened. I don’t know about Hogan or Nicklaus, but me.

  8. theMIKE

    ps. it force the eyes to focus with the left one at the ball.

  9. Jason

    LOL thanks Monte. Shawn’s scratch right and left handed. It should be illegal to be that good LOL.

  10. Marshall

    The reason I ask about Ballard and Jacobs it is the last 2 i have tried. I spent approx 2 years on the Jacobs theory and it yielded better results than others. Researched Jacobs after reading Haney’s book of several years ago as he mentioned Jacobs was a big influence. Oddly enough very Jacob’s Practical Golf and Golf Simplified were very different from Haney. The problem with Jacobs (for me) is that the arm swing feels good and athletic and it allows me to start the swing easier than most other swings but it is easy to get “out of synch.” I accept the arm swing being on a different plane than the shoulder turn (do you agree?) but i found myself sacrificing distance when i dropped the arms down and if did not drop the arms down i was prone to a pull hook. So end of the day it did not give me what i was looking for….a reliable golf swing.

    I tried the Ballard method briefly….i get part of it (the triangle) but the plugged left arm to the chest and springing the club with the right side….just does not work. Works one day and feels like a straitjacket the next day.


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