A fantastic chipping drill

I developed a great drill yesterday while giving a lesson.

It uses the old visual of chipping being like tossing a ball. Hold a golf ball in your right hand (for right handers) then grip your chipping club while holding the ball. Now address another ball, take a normal backswing and chip that ball while focusing on underhand tossing the ball in your right hand toward the target.

You obviously let go of the club with the right hand after impact in order to toss the ball.

You won’t toss the ball very far and you will toss the ball slightly left of your target because that is where the rotation of your body will have your right arm pointed by the time you have made contact with the other ball and club and have let go of it to toss the one in your hand.

Might sound a bit confusing, so I am filming a video today and will post it tomorrow. It is similar in theory to this video I made a couple of years ago.




    • snubba19

      Bogey on 17 for a -1, 71

  1. Calvin

    Parred all the 5’s. Got to change that.

  2. theMIKE

    Looking on shotlink, that is a pretty solid round of golf after Monte’s corrections, if he sustains that during the weekend, he will be pretty good in there.

    Great Job so far in not screwing him up (which is kind of first stage to achieve), then, he did hit quite a lot of fairways in apparently good spots and nice approaches.

  3. hackgolfer

    I hope I can catch some of Frank on tv this weekend 😉


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