Chipping drill video




    • Dave Dunlop

      great video tho cant wait to try this

  1. Andrew from Addis

    Having read about this yesterday I tried it a few times in teh garden then I put the thought into practise on the course today – although my chipping is usually good, today it was fantastic – I just kept thinking of tossing the ball into the hole. Pity I could not putt 🙁

    Andrew from Addis

  2. north

    I don’t know if it is intentional, but by having the right hand hold a ball and release to throw it after the chip this drill makes for a very light right hand grip while chipping.

    I’ve been struggling with my chipping lately and so I’ve been looking at my old Tom Watson chipping short game book. One of his drills is chipping with just the left arm as his chipping swing is controlled by the that arm.

    The commonality between Watson’s drill and your drill is they both force the left arm to control the chip.

  3. Jason

    I like it. Seems like you have re-introduced a forward press as well. Will we see that in the full swing as well?


  4. Brian

    -3 with two to go! Been fun watching Frank!

  5. Calvin

    What, 5 birds in 7 holes? Something clicked in.

  6. The Original Brian

    6500 yards? At that point in your career that should have been a pitch and putt.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The fairways were about 25 yards wide and if you were in the rough you couldn’t hit the ball within 30 feet of the pin with any club as they were small and brink hard.

      At the same course In 1993 I made 21 birdies, 2 eagles and 13 bogeys to shoot 12 under. I remembered it as 24,2 and 16, but was wrong.

    • Calvin

      Very interesting cautionary tale. I am becoming a golf simple guy with the Monte influence. Don’t change your swing for special shots. If you want a fade aim to the left edge with a weak grip. For a draw aim to the right edge with a strong grip. It will probably be successful if you can keep from making extraneous gyrations. Players whose swings have major compensations are more prone to having major roadblocks (Duval, Dustin Johnson, Sandy Lyle). It doesn’t seem to bother Freddie tho.


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