Update on Frank-EDITED

I got several questions and emails about when Frank was playing next.

Off of his status as a former champion, he is 1st alternate to get into The Valero Texas Open this week. He was 6th just yesterday. Likely but not for sure.

He played in the Monday qualifier today and finished tied for 3rd out of 80+ players. He shot 69 in windy conditions and told me he hit it great.

I am waiting to hear the results. He is in a five man playoff for two spots. His status as first alternate probably gets in, but getting one of the two spots in the playoff will be a success he can build on.

We had a long discussion on eye line Saturday and I am aware of the importance, but have not stressed it enough. I will not continue to make that mistake.

EDITED-The edit never it made it from my phone. He called me and told me he birdied the first playoff hole and got in.




  1. Andrew from Addis

    Looks like he is still first alternate – do really hope he gets in and makes the cut – that would be a great achievement for both Frank and Monte after only working together for a short week

    Andrew from Addis

  2. Greg

    Ok Monte, if he makes the cut and is on the leaderboard on Saturday you have to fly out so you can be there for the trophy presentation.

  3. projectscratch

    That is awesome! I will certainly be rooting for him this weekend.

  4. projectscratch

    You may joke about being Hank Haney, but if Frank is in contention Sunday, I do not think it is an exageration to say that your life will likely change. And if he were to somehow win…

  5. The Original Brian

    Not to be a downer but it seems that he isn’t far enough in the process to win. I’m sure he would be very content with a top 25.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not a downer at all. Everything you said mirrors exactly how I feel. I was thinking making the cut would be a good cobfidence builder.

      • Robert Johansson

        Making a qualifier cut will make a boost on his ability to play well in the competition. I dont hold a top10 out of it.

  6. Calvin

    Never mind Frank. 🙂

    I hit a sqirrelly stretch today on the back nine and decided to finish just doing the deep hip turn thing and stopping the arms with the shoulder turn. Finished with four straight pars. You really do teach good stuff.

  7. Jason

    I’m also happy for you and Frank. It’s baby steps, one at a time. If he makes the cut, that’s a bonus. It’s an achievment just to get in at this stage considering the swing changes, but it’s the quality of those changes and his talent that have done it.

    Well done.


  8. Peter B

    Gratulations to you both! Well done!

  9. QTLAW88

    T17 after 1st Round!! Go get’em Frank.

  10. Peter B

    T8 OMG OMG!


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