At random I took videos of 10 guys chipping at the practice area, whose handicap I judged to be greater than 10.

I then watched PGA Tour golf and confirmed something I already knew.

On short game shots good players have lots of wrist hinge and very little arm swing going back…and have very little wrist movement and accelerating arms (trail arm especially) going through.

Bad golfers have very little wrist hinge and lots of arm swing on way back and very sloppy wrists and very little arm acceleration (trail arm especially) on the way through.

Every bad short game shot I see from good players lacks wrist hinge or an accelerating trial arm….or both.




  1. Shallowface

    As with a lot of things we’ve been the victims of very bad instruction.

    Anyone remember that Golf Magazine cover from years ago with Ken Venturi chipping with both wrists encased in plaster casts?

    Monte, you’ve got a lot on your plate undoing all of the damage. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tom McNamara

    That went from a weaknesss to a strength for me…good instruction is definitely the key!
    Know what/how to practice makes a huge difference.
    Thanks Monte!

  3. Calvin


  4. Dan

    Interesting…but a video would help me understand this better!

  5. Ant Lockyer (@golfist74)

    I think you are in danger of getting sloppy wrists going back and no control coming through. Stiff and stiff (taking out the athletic hand eye co-ordination aspect) I’m 100% sure would help a high handicap player more to start with than lots of wrist action going back.



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