How to hit the golf ball farther

I am going to do a two part video on how to hit the golf ball farther.

Part 1 will be all the “hit it farther” cliches and misconceptions and why they are wrong or misinterpreted.

Part 2 will be how each individual can hit the ball farther by doing nothing to slow the arms down (THE KEY FACTOR in hitting it farther and that’s universal). Linking up hip turn, shoulder turn, arm lift and rotation and wrist hinge. Proper transition and tilt and how all of these things make room so the arms don’t slow down.

What I am looking for today is all of the cliches I can tear apart.

Hold the lag
Restrict hip turn
Widen the arc
Inside out to hit draw because that goes farther than a fade
Hold lag plus inside out
Wide to narrow (float load)
Low and slow
Backswing to parallel (Full turn)
Pull butt into wall in front of you
Keep head still or head down

Give me more I haven’t thought of or new ones I can make fun of.

BTW, you read that correctly. The key factor in hitting the ball farther is do nothing to force the arms to slow.




  1. Ron

    early wrist hinge

  2. Brett

    Step into it like you’re hitting a baseball. 🙂

  3. Andrew from Belgium

    Give yourself room to swing by standing further away

  4. woody

    What “low-and-slow” probably means to those who say it, even though they may not know what it means themselves: keep your swing connected with your turn. Don’t whip your arms back and leave your body behind.

    John Daly and Davis Love have said it, and they’re not thought of as short.

  5. Calvin

    Snap wrists through hitting zone.
    Fire the trail side through.
    Swing as hard as you can.

  6. jaybee

    Raise your hands to the sky (Grout/Nicklaus)
    Spin your hips like Rory
    Buy a driver with less loft and/or a longer shaft
    Swing extra slow and widen stance for a big one (Snead?)
    Get more coil (left lat)
    Bow the left wrist at/after the top (give gas move/TPI)

  7. Jason

    Tee it up higher…and hit up on it

    • Geoff Dickson

      This is a myth? I thought the science was clear on this one: distance is maximised by positive angle of attack.

  8. Michael

    Snap the “kinetic” chain

  9. Bruce

    Turn in the barrel

  10. DCDY

    How about “feel like your elbowing somebody thats standing behind you right after impact”.


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