The shaft shallowing

It is becoming more and more clear to me that golfers don’t understand the shallowing of the shaft (I know I didn’t until the last few years, so don’t feel bad). When the shaft shallows, the body wants to react by staying in posture and turning hard.

They don’t know it’s supposed to happen, don’t know what it is, don’t know how to do it and in many cases, think they know all these things (I know I did, because people who claimed to be experts told me how to butcher the process).

Reminds me of that line from the movie, The Princess Bride.

“You keep saying that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

When I look back at how this was taught to me incorrectly, it makes me think of this line…

“My name is Monte Scheinblum, you kill my golf swing, prepare to die.”

Those not familiar with the movie, probably think I have lost my mind.

I’ll tell you what shallowing the shaft is not. It’s not intentionally dropping the hands behind you independent of a weight shift and turn…and ending up with a path so inside out that a Trackman computer laughs at you.

It’s gravity dropping the hands, not the golfer actively dumping them behind the turn.

With all of this hold the lag, Johnny Miller telling people to pull the butt of the club into a wall in front of the golfer and other such handle pulling nonsense, the final outcome is a steepening of the shaft, early extension, disconnected swings, shanks, fats, slices…and then Hank Haney telling everyone to solve this by rolling the wrists at impact, which makes you steepen the club more…and shank, fat and slice even more.

Wanna know how to shallow the shaft? It’s not swinging to right field for sure. That makes you whip it inside and steepen it on the downswing and hit shanks, fats and slices, or disconnect the arms, get a path too inside out and spend the day snap hooking drivers and hitting LW’s that draw 40 feet after a nice stall and flip and impact.

If you want to shallow the shaft and allow your body to take over the downswing…Don’t whip it inside on the backswing and do this…





  1. Bruce

    I resemble those remarks! I think the biggest thing is that if you don’t see yourself on video, you have no idea what’s going on (even after you’ve seen it and think you’ve corrected it, you still may not have). What you think you’re doing and what you are actually do are two different things.

    I keep a 6-iron in the bathroom because I can practice my swing in slow motion and have a couple of nice, big mirrors to check my postions. It’s amazing how everything comes together – the hips bump, the weight gets transferred, and the arms drop into the correct postion without even thinking about it…….get on the range hitting balls…….totally different stroy.

  2. woody

    Well, I’ll give you credit for slamming Miller. The best thing anyone could do is NOT copy the following video–although it has merit if you interpret some of it as “feel” without taking it literally: (8:51) Johnny Miller, swing wrecker

    So, why not delete the part about “gravity dropping the hands”? It’s not gravity. The body is connected with itself. If you make a move on the left side, it affects your hands, which are on the right side, for a right-hander at the top of the backswing.

    Hogan implied in Five Lessons that the arms are passively pulled down to waist level, and that a golfer shouldn’t actively pull the arms/clubshaft down to waist level as a separate/independent action. If it helps someone to think of this as gravity, great. But, it’s not.

      • woody

        Just as soon as I can hit it 430.

    • Robert Johansson

      Move pelvis left then the hands be at waist height automatically without moving.
      reason you need to throw from the top or you be late.
      Miller got stuck in the downswing by not doing that.

  3. Geoff Dickson

    Lightbulb moment = ‘arms are passively pulled down to waist level, and that a golfer shouldn’t actively pull the arms/clubshaft down to waist level as a separate/independent action’.

    So the dump is passive?

  4. Jason

    It is gravity. Followed by cetrifugal force.

  5. Andrew

    Hi Monte,
    Thanks for your help with the swing, I enjoy your blog. Q. Does the “dump” move essentially get the hands back about the same distance from the body they were at address? That is, when looking DTL would the hands appear to move over the same position they were at address?


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