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I am going to start doing charity and corporate outings again.

For those interested…

At charity events, I come out and put on a long drive and trick shot show before the tournaments starts…and give some of the ideas on the golf swing you have seen here. Then while the tournament is going on, I stand on a tee and hit drives all day for a donation to the charity from each group.

I charge no fee for the appearance and I split the money I raise for the charity. I have done an excellent job of raising money in the past. In the last event I did about 10 days ago, I raised almost $3000.

For corporate events, my fee is based on the amount of time and what the event would like me to do.

Events outside of Southern California who are interested, I can fly free so expenses would be minimal.

PS-I did a golf school for 5 individuals last month and they loved it and had a great time.

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  1. thomas

    Sorry, english is not my mother tongue. But I was wondering does this “I charge no fee for the appearance and I split the money I raise for the charity” mean that you take half of the money for yourself?

    • Gunnar

      Do the people who donate know about that?

      You don´t have to comment on that but that actually sounds very strange to me. If there´s somebody donating 100 dollars for the charity, only 50 dollars will reach the actual project?

      Normaly I love it when the money somebody gets is directly connected to his efficiency. But in this case that seems to me like really inappropriate.
      Well, I dont want to say that´s “inmoral” or “wrong” but I`m actually just wondering whether the people who donate know about this. Because if I would donate there I would hate it if nobody tells me that some guy hitting some drives gets half of the money.

      Probably I miss something important here – does “charity” mean something like a project for kids in Africa or something like that? I don´t know what corporate outings means either…^^

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Charity events of all kinds. I have donated thousands of hours and exhibitions over the years to events like this for FREE.

        I get way less than my usual fee to do this and have no problem taking a fee for what I do.

        There is a saying here. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. People would have no problem if the event payed me a flat fee to come to the event to help raise money, but some people have a problem with my fee being half the money I raise. I can’t do it for free all of the time. People who work for charities take a salary.

        There is another saying. Half of something is better than all of nothing. I am helping to raise money that would not have been raised if I were not there.

        A corporate outing is where a company has a golf tournament for it’s executives and employees and I come and put on a show for their enjoyment.

  2. Calvin D

    If you contribute to a charity the American Institute of Philanthropy suggests that you verify that the charity spends at least 60% of contributions on programs with the other 40% to admin and salary. And that is for the big orgs like United Way that are taking in millions.

    Monte’s 50-50 seems quite good for a golf exhibition. I would definitely contribute.

  3. Gunnar

    Hi Monte,
    Thank you for your answer.
    I`m currently experimenting with some different use of language. Could you please tell me which of these answers to your statement above you like better? That would be great – Thanks!

    1. I didn´t want to attack you, as I think it´s great what you´re doing. Keep the good work up.

    2. As I read your posts I wondered whether you are probably a bit annoyed because you would like people to value or to respect what you do within these charities. Did I get that correctly?

    Well, if that´s the case, I can honestly say, that I feel good and comfortable when I see that there are people that care for others…well, hard to express but basically that just makes my life some more worthwhile. Thank you.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Gunnar, I appreciate the discussion.

      I do not want praise for the charity work, I was just trying to show that I didn’t feel I was doing something improper.

      I have done a lot of charity work over the years not for praise, but because it made me feel good.

      I see this current plan as an opportunity for everyone involved.

  4. Gunnar

    I appreciate our conversation as well.

    I love it to hear that you feel good when you do this charitiy work and that you´re not looking for praise. Once I knew a person who (I think so) just did his charitiy work in order to put other people in a inferior position, as many aren´t involved anywhere. That really sucked – lol.

    I think it´s often very misleading to call people things like good, or bad, or improper, or awesome or whatever. It´s probably a better way to express one´s ones feelings than calling the other person something.

    For exmaple:
    When I call you a great guy, because you do this blog. Then I actually say: “I enjoy it so much to read your blog at it makes me laugh often and I just feel good. That meets my need for amusement – Thank you”
    The second one is actually cooler isn´t it?

    Second example:
    You said in your first comment that you do a lot of charitiy without erning money. We have to turn around that one to make it similar to the first one: You wanted to convince me that I`m wrong as you thought I would think of you as being improper. So you first comment was something like: “You´re wrong (–>misleading word), I am a proper guy that makes a lot of charity and that not because of the little money I get there.” You also brought up some arguments. Then, in your next comment, you said that you don´t want your actions to be evaluated as improper. That was a step in the direction of some better communication because in your first comment you let me completely unclear about why you felt not that great after my comment – with this “not being called improper” I know way more – but thats still improvable :-).
    Mhh, I hope you can grasp that one: When you say you want not to be called improper, than there is not implied that you want to be called proper – you got that yourself as you explained that you´re not looking for praise.
    You want just not to be called improper and there is, in my opinion, a need for respect or acceptance (by others) in you – because you doing this stuff because you´re feeling good with it and you´re not looking for praise but if then somebody says “Wow, that of way earning money really sucks”, then you don´t feel so good about that as you would appreciate some respect or acceptance …well, you´re the only one that knows whether thats in fact your need in this case because just you can sense it…but I actually I think I got the right one 😉
    So what about saying: “I feel somehow annoyed as it´s not the case that I do this charities for earning lots of money – it´s actually kind of the other way round as I earn less money then I could earn in another way. Can you respect that?”
    Well, if that was your question you get a complete “yes” from me 🙂

    I hope these examples showed a bit that these “describing words” that evaluate other people are misleading because the only thing that matters in the interaction of people, is that everybody gets happy – who cares about these stuff of “moral and inmoral” … it´s so much more useful to express what one is feeling and needing in order to get these meets met finally, than to evaluate other people and hope that will somehow lead to met needs as well….

    I go to sleep now, it´s late evening in Germany

  5. Gunnar

    Hi Monte,
    I`m writing this comment as I have a need for clarity – I would like to know why you didn´t answer to my previos comment. I do not write this because I`m looking for a reaction for my old comment but I`m just interested in why you didn´t answer (not that I have “asked” you something that would require a answer but I actually thought you would “answer”)

    It´s important for me that you get the correct message of this post and that you don´t hear something I actually did not want to say. So again: I`m not looking for a reaction to my old post. Obviously you didn´t want to answer and that is totally alright. I do not of any bad feelings about that. I`m just interested in WHY you didn´t answer. I guess it´s somewhere around here:
    a.) lack of time
    b.) lack of interest about these strange “communication/psycho – stuff”
    c.) lack of understanding

    I take a guess – its b.) – lol
    Thank you 🙂

    • Mike from Canada


      If you want help with your grammar go to an english teacher. This is a website about golf. I don’t think you want Monte teaching you grammar.

  6. Gunnar

    Alright – thank you 🙂

  7. Wally

    Monte is generous, when you give to the the united way only 3%, three percent goes to any particular charity, the rest is adminstration cost. I can see you guys know about as little of how things work as you do about golf


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